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Guest Blogger – Doug Edwards: Dos and Don’ts for Conference Season

Original publish date: Sunday, February 8, 2015 Doug Edwards is Vice President and Managing Director for the Mental Health and Addiction Community division at Vendome Group. His personal blog, Be the Blue Balloon, includes insights on sales, marketing and content creation.    The spring conference season is almost upon us, and it’s a good time of [...]

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Guest Blogger – Shannon Blaz: What’s First, Design or Content?

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” –Jeffrey Zeldman We’re designers. We crave visual punch, new and innovative design techniques, layouts with the finest typography, and color palettes that blend with ease—many of us feel it’s our job to truly wow users with our beautiful aesthetics. And then [...]

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Meet My Creativity Mantras: “What if?” and “Why not?”

Patty Flauto has had “innovation” and “creativity” in her job description her entire career. Developing new ideas and finding practical ways to implement them is her passion. Patty Flauto is a creativity consultant. She has years of business experience in entrepreneurship, product design and innovation. Her training and development sessions provide companies with practical solutions to create and sustain a culture of innovation in any organization.

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Guest Blogger – Sharon Toerek: Content Creation: Legally Speaking

My friends at designRoom Creative have creatively chosen the theme of words, copy and content for this month’s blog. They have graciously asked me to share thoughts about legal questions that word choices can create in marketing, branding or advertising. I’m always happy for the opportunity to talk (write) about protecting original creative work. The choice and use of words and content raises specific legal issues to think about early in the creative process. These are some of the ones that I see most often in my practice.

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Guest Blogger – Jordana Revella: Marketing automation: Let’s get there in one piece

What does a new year mean to a marketer? In my experience as an in-house marketer and a consultant, I find it usually means tackling a new technical monster project that — if it doesn't eat us up — improves message relevancy, effectiveness and ROI. In years past, such projects for me have included researching and implementing an HTML email marketing solution, an online meeting solution, and a content managed website solution.

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