Back to It!

This is the time of year I think about the best ways to get “back to it” – ways to get back into a healthy work rhythm. The summer sun giving way to the fall chill. My vacation time is almost used up. It’s time to get back to it and buckle down in Q4!

This time of year, everyday actions provide a form of sanity. A lot of that sanity comes from checking simple things off my list.

When my work rhythm is off, things can get chaotic. I’m like a song you can’t dance to. It’s sometimes difficult to re-establish a healthy routine, especially if you are in summertime vacation mode. I use simple things, like getting to work on time (or early), scheduling and running routine staff meetings, creating a weekly check list of must-do’s, and checking in with my team at scheduled intervals. These simple actions go a long way toward building a healthy work rhythm. Some of my other favorite ways to get into a work rhythm include:

Make Tasks Colorful

Use colorful post-its to flag priority level of something on your desk or in your inbox. Then tackle your reds first, then orange, then yellow, etc.

Create and Update Lists

Utilize list creation tools, like Reminders or Evernote, to keep track of things you need to accomplish as you think of them. Not only will you have an easier time remembering and completing day-to-day tasks, but you will feel more accomplished as you check each item off.

Check-ins with Your Team

Establish check-in times with your team throughout the day. Rather than bugging them every time something pops up, just address it at your next scheduled check-in time. This helps to develop a healthy work rhythm, and allows your team to develop one as well, without your constant interruptions.

If you’ve seen my desk in the past year, you know that most of these methods are deployed at all times to keep all the balls in the air. Having a healthy work rhythm is one of the best ways to organize your life and your thoughts, and have a successful work day. I’m a huge fan of rhythm. And on the days I get to practice it, everything is better. Now… let’s get back to it.