Be Brand Mindful, Too

Think about the word, Mindful. What does it mean to you? Chances are, particularly if you work in the behavioral or mental health field, you are mindful, and you practice therapeutic mindfulness. As Oxford secondarily defines mindfulness: “A mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, [...]

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Have you heard? People are talking about healthy branding!

Trade show season is in full swing. And I love it. I just got back from my first two shows of the season – The Admissions & Marketing Symposium and NATCON18 – and am continually humbled and honored by my experiences. The people, the energy, the conversations. They get me going and keep me going. Upon [...]

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Designing a Custom Typeface | Part 2

(Missed the first part of the custom typeface series? Check here!) In the months since my last blog, I’ve made a lot of progress on designRoom’s new typeface. First, we chose a concrete direction. After a more in-depth look at the way we use fonts, we decided we wanted a more personalized replacement for the [...]

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Refining the Process

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Not a Brand Guru

I am not a brand guru. I don’t claim to stand at branding’s burnished edge. Our offices don’t overlook Madison Avenue, or the Thames. I don’t sit in an Eames chair, or play ping-pong in the office. (That would be cool, though…) From where I sit in our gritty brick building, this Healthy Branding thing [...]

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Curiosity? It’s Just a Button.

Curiosity can kill a designer. Wait, what?! Well yeah, sometimes. Curiosity is a natural behavior for designers. Creative studios want designers to be curious. Designers can't help it. It's in their DNA. But sometimes it can be deadly. Designers can get too hung-up on "What if..." and the "I didn't think of that..." and not let [...]

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Healthy Branding in a Time of Change

Change is an inevitable part of life and business, especially a small business. Change is constant yet, in the moment, it can feel quite unexpected. Recently, designRoom experienced an unexpected change. A key member of our team moved on to a new opportunity. I’m very happy for her and she is going to do great [...]

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Fashion, Clients, and Addys

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A Reputation for Research. Everyone Should Embrace It.

Embrace the research. There are good reasons why you should. After eight months of brainstorming sessions, meetings, assessments, and everyday interactions – I've acquired a reputation for research. I never asked for this "researcher" title; I don’t go around shouting “I love data”. But I am curious. I ask questions. The answers aren't all I'm [...]

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Health, Branding, and Helping Organizations that Help People

Health. Far too often we take it for granted. It’s never a problem, until it’s a problem. And when it becomes a problem it can be all consuming, hoping we can be healthy again. Nothing else matters when dealing with mortality. There comes a point when it is out of our hands. We need help. [...]

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designRoom’s New Typeface | Part 1

designRoom is getting a custom typeface! As part of our efforts to refine our brand typography, I will be creating a typeface from scratch exclusively for use by designRoom. When designing anything, it’s hard to know where to start sometimes. With fonts that can be a particular problem. So, before I start the design process, [...]

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Reflecting on My 2017 “Take a Position” Theme

Take a Position. It was my theme for 2017. And my promise – to you and to myself – was to share content and thoughts and ideas that would help others grow and sustain a healthy brand. My goal in taking a position was to open up and share: • Our studio • Our process, [...]

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Kelly says Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from Kelly and dR.

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Pass Our Website Assessment with Flying Colors

Website assessment is a critical part of every brand assessment. During a website assessment, Shaun utilizes HubSpot's website grader tool and his own website brand review to evaluate your brand's website. dR Website Review During our review, we look to see if your site is functioning the best it can for your audience. The following [...]

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I Have an Idea…

I have an idea… That’s how it always starts. It scares practically everyone I say it to. This time of year it feels like I say it every single day. I have always been a planner – when I was little my dad would say, “You must have gotten hit in the head with a [...]

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Website SSL Certificate: What, Why, and How

What is an SSL certificate? I'll explain. During our Brand Assessment process, we perform a website assessment. We utilize HubSpot's website grader to help uncover simple reasons why a website may be underperforming. One of HubSpot's categories is Security, which involves an SSL Certificate. So, what is an SSL Certificate? Why might your website need one? [...]

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Kelly’s Travels: Across the Country in 21 Days

Kelly’s been traveling -- helping clients, speaking, and learning. Let’s see where she’s been and what she’s been doing!

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From the Heart, to the Heart

Brands that market from the heart will create strong, enduring bonds. I have seen it work. It has been over a week, but I am still feeding off the energy from the Admissions & Marketing Symposium in Los Angeles. My first-ever west coast presentation went well. It won't be my last! I was challenged by [...]

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Make a Promise. Then Keep It!

Make a promise you can keep. Then keep it. This is something we recommend to clients, and is a quintessential part of healthy branding. The first part of the process is to assess the brand. What sets the brand apart from similar organizations? How is it special? What does it offer? This is positioning, and [...]

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A Type Design Niche, By the Letter

While it’s still early in my career, I’ve been fortunate to have developed a type design niche. I have a knack for letters. All About All the Letters My expertise, and my passion, is in type design -- making new fonts and expanding old ones. It can be tedious. Kerning, for example, is a step [...]

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My 3 Favorite Photoshop Tools

Here are three of my most important and favorite photoshop tools I use for when designing digital assets: Fill / Content-Aware I remember the day I learned this technique. It felt like being a kid on Christmas morning opening a brand new toy. Only this toy makes my life much easier. Designers are constantly challenged [...]

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Take a Position and Own It.

Yeah, we know how to take a position. That willingness to take a risk and act differently, as long as we've done our homework, manifests in many ways. Yesterday we pitched something to a client (we won't say who) that we wouldn't have pitched even a few years ago. It was an idea, a concept, [...]

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Reflections from NCAD 2017: Branding First

My reflections from NCAD? Branding first. Web next. While at NCAD, I noticed there is more chatter around branding today than there was two years ago, which is great! Though branding is part of the conversation today, many still aren't sure where branding fits within the process of marketing a new or evolving organization. CEO's [...]

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Life Without Digital: Another Digital Detox Done

It's done. Another digital detox. Can you hear it? Can you smell it? You can touch it, breathe it, and feel it all around you. What is it that I'm talking about? It's Life. The dearest gift humans can be thankful for. Are we thankful enough to cherish the small things life has to offer? [...]

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There and Back Again: Hi Lauren Miller!

Hi there! I'm Lauren Miller, the new Business Development Manager at designRoom. My story is one you have likely heard many times before – the young Ohio girl venturing to the big city to find herself, only to realize that Ohio is where she was meant the be all along. I spent my formative years [...]

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That Awkward Moment Before You Write

Have you felt that awkward moment before you try to write something... like a blog? If so, do you like it or hate it? If you hate it, you probably don't like blogging. But if you like it, then writing for you harbors a powerful, inner drive to inspire people. I embrace that awkward moment. [...]

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