• Changing My Name

Changing My Name

I’m changing my name.

No, I’m not running from the law or trying to become famous. I’m getting married. And clients, now I get it! I can empathize with the bit of anxiety that comes with changing a name. Am I changing who I am? Will it be ok? How’s it going to look on my monogrammed bath towels?

Ok, maybe our branding clients won’t do monogrammed towels. But they will own new identities, which include logos, messaging, business cards, websites, and all the components that make up a freshly-named brand. And that’s what I’ll be — a freshly named person/brand.

I have stood beside our clients through this brave, strategic decision and the whole process of re-branding/re-naming. It’s not a move any of them take lightly. It is always done with careful consideration, usually based on some change in the market like a new regulatory or competitive environment, or a change within the organization, like new services to meet a market demand. We only recommend a name change when it strategically makes sense.

There are several things we consider before changing a name, or a brand:

  1. Does the current name reflect the organization’s vision, mission and culture?
  2. Does the current name hold significant brand equity?
  3. Does the current name say, or hint at services offered?
  4. Does the current name resonate with a target audience?
  5. Does the current name clearly differentiate from the competition?

Often the first barrier is that perceived equity versus actual equity thing. Sometimes it’s real, often it’s not as real as an organization thinks. Often, it’s simply a sentimental attachment to a name. That’s why we do a detailed brand assessment before any new name creating begins. Yes, we have actually recommended (once or twice) that a client NOT change their name.

In the behavioral health/addiction space, however, many organizations are dealing with massive change, and finding that their brands are a decade or two behind the times.

Changing your name (and getting it right) is a daunting task. Often our clients don’t know how or where to begin, or they have tried (unsuccessfully) to re-name in the past. Luckily, dRC employs a highly collaborative, proven successful process. As long as you trust us to guide you and your team through it, I think changing your company name can be a fun and exciting journey!

We’re totally dedicated to creating something special for every client. Especially names. I love my new name, and my process is probably a little less complicated than a multi-million dollar behavioral health organization. But it is not less daunting, let me tell you.

So I’m changing my name. I have no doubt I’ll be better for it.