Changing Your Space, Improving Your Outlook

Lots of studies have shown that changing your space – a workspace, a living space, or just cleaning your car – can improve your outlook, bring calm, and even improve productivity. I just changed mine, and I can affirm that it’s true.

While there are many ways to improve your work environment, a physical change in workspace is very effective for me. It forces me to wipe the slate clean, literally. Everything gets dusted. Papers that cluttered my desk have been removed – either filed away or recycled. Client folders are organized by project stage, supplies have found their way back into desk drawers, and personal mementos are arranged to make the space feel warm and welcoming.

I’ve spent the last week getting settled into my new space, one of our conference rooms. It’s been refreshing. I feel a sense of clarity and renewed focus in my new environment, partly because everything is so clean, but also because of the quiet. I have a door. As an added bonus: I can play my music without disturbing the rest of the office. And I can light a candle (one of my favorite things) to instantly relax and feel comfortable. The aroma keeps me awake and energized.

Its wonderful to know that changing your space can positively effect your productivity and mood! Every day I leave work, I’m excited to come back and spend more time in my new office!