• Intern Graphic Design Joe Sausaman

Get to Know Joe, Graphic Design Intern

You know what they say about working with family (don’t!). So after working for my family’s construction business for approximately seven years, I returned to school to pursue what has always been my passion, art, specifically, graphic design. Being a practical sort of artist, I felt I needed to select a major that I knew I could actually make a living with. That led to my love for graphic design. I enrolled in the B.F.A. program at The University of Akron and soon realized I had a knack for making things “look good.”

My passion for art began in the first grade when I received a fifty-dollar reward bond from Akron’s Children Hospital for a school project I did in art class. The piece was called “Bears In A Cave” and was completed by tearing and pasting construction paper into a composition showing hibernating bears in a winter scene. This recognition at a young age inspired me to continue with various art classes and eventually led to my pursuit of design. It’s crazy, but my “Bears In A Cave” creation is still on display in the Hospital.

Inspiration also came later when my older brother, Jason, found success as a designer. His passion and drive gave me the spark I needed to pursue a design career.

I like it here at designRoom, with the intimacy and interaction of a smaller company, compared to a large corporate setting where there may be less creative freedom. Being a designer allows me the artistic freedom to express ideas through meaningful and real world applications. And, for me, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing my hard work appreciated, seen by others and put to good use.

Now that I am an Akron grad and gaining invaluable experience as an intern, I hope to land a full-time job at a design firm like dRC. I am ready for the real world and to make my mark in this ever-changing industry. Any takers?

Joe Sausaman