dRC Summer Fun

I decided to spend my blog sharing some of our dRC summer fun. Blessed with great weather, interesting travel, and unique summer fun experiences, we couldn’t help but show you a bit of what we’ve been enjoying!

Here is a little snippet about what each of us has been up to and what we hope to accomplish before summer is over:

Chad in Cali

Our intrepid Creative Director is taking a well-deserved vacation exploring California and taking time to focus on his photography. After weeks of strategically planning his route (seriously, you wouldn’t believe the detailed thought he put into his agenda!), Chad set off to capture images and memories. Some of these breathtaking photos he has already shared with us. We can’t wait to see more.

What would he like to accomplish before summer is over?
“Process all my photos from this trip. I have over 1,000 already with over a week to go.”

Clockwise from top right: Marin Headlands, Half Dome from Glacier Point, Chad at Glacier Point, Shipwreck near Point Reyes on the coast, Chad's feet in the Merced River in Yosemite Valley after hiking for hours

Clockwise from top right: Marin HeadlandsHalf Dome from Glacier Point; Half Dome; Chad at Glacier Point; Shipwreck near Point Reyes on the coast; Chad’s feet in the Merced River in Yosemite Valley after hiking for hours

Joe in NY

Joe’s summer fun included spending some time in the sun with his family. He traveled to visit his sister in (way) upstate New York with his brother from Arizona, who stayed with him in Cleveland for most of the summer! He has played a few shows here and there. But watching his nephew pitch in the championship game was one of his summer highlights so far!

What would he like to accomplish before summer is over?
“Sleep for 3 whole days, finish writing some tunes, buy a chair and couch, kayak and take a big vacation.”


Clockwise from top right: Joe’s nephew pitching in the championship game; Joe with his brother and sister in NY, Raquette River; Joe’s sister’s dogs – Zach and Annebelle; Joe’s sister at Raquette River

Kimberly in CLE

I survived my summer fun, which included the invasion of my city. From the filming of Fast 8 outside the office to the Cavs championship parade and the 2016 RNC, I have spent most of the summer swimming in a sea of downtown visitors. One benefit of living downtown is getting to see it all first hand, but it sometimes makes it difficult to move around. Luckily, Dave and I have been able to go to a lot of the local food festivals and even took a trip to Massachusetts to visit my sister and her fiancé and meet their dog, Cooper.

What would I like to accomplish before summer is over?
“Plan my sister’s bridal shower.”


Clockwise from top right: Dave & Kimberly at Westlake Wine Festival; Cavs parade view from dRC office; RNC media and crowd along East 4th Street; Kimberly and Cooper; Fast 8 filming crash scene outside dRC office

Shaun in the Adirondacks

Shaun’s summertime adventure took him to the Adirondacks for a week of hiking with friends. They explored the trails and peaks, including Mount Marcy and Mount Algonquin. He has also spent some quality time with his dog, Abbie, making sure she has playdates with the other neighborhood pups.

What would he like to accomplish before summer is over?
“Finish remodeling my bathroom.”


Clockwise from top right: Shaun at the top of Mount Algonquin; Shaun’s dog, Abbie (left) playing with neighbor pup; Shaun and his friends on Mount Marcy

Kelly in Cali and FL

This summer the Farrell family explored Yosemite together during their weeklong trip to California, which included a stop in San Francisco. At the homestead, Kelly has been fortunate to witness some of the most incredible Lake Erie sunsets she can ever remember and spend a little extra time at home with her dog, Rascal.

Kelly also traveled to Florida this month for the State of Recovery Conference. She held an engaging workshop on healthy branding where attendees drew logos for a fictitious treatment center. Kelly took the opportunity while in Florida to reset, re-center and relax on the beach with her daughter, Celeste. During sunrise yoga on the beach, they were able to watch some baby sea turtles make their journey home to the sea!

What would she like to accomplish before summer is over?
“Eat at Edwin’s with my family, get back into an exercise/life rhythm and attend my son Nolan’s OSU medical school introduction White Coat ceremony”


Clockwise from top right: Kelly’s son’s Luke and Nolan hiking in Yosemite Valley; sunset over Lake Erie; Kelly, her sister Steph and daughter Celeste on a boat tour of Lake Tahoe; Kelly and her family resting after hiking in Yosemite Valley; baby sea turtles on the beach in Florida; Kelly and Celeste at State of Recovery Conference; Kelly’s dog, Rascal