• Marketing Intern Nicole Says Hello

Market Research Intern Nicole Says Hello

Hi! My name is Nicole Fantozzi and I am very excited to be an intern here at designRoom Creative.

I am a dual Finance and Spanish major at the University of Notre Dame. Also, I am a history and literature buff and spend much of my free time reading and going to museums. Outside of school and educational pursuits, I am passionate about sports, especially lacrosse and soccer. The past month’s World Cup has been incredible to watch and I loved seeing the men’s team get such support from its fans. I was lucky that we could watch some of the matches in the office. Not while we were working, of course.

My internship is focusing mostly on database building and market research. One of my major projects is updating and recoding the company’s database. This update will clean up outdated contacts and eliminate unnecessary contacts. Additionally, I will be reclassifying contacts by industry type (professional services, manufacturing, medical, etc.) as well as client type (prospect, client, referral source, and vendor). After making these changes, the database should be easier to navigate and will contain good data. Also, the team can easily pull and use different types of contacts for services such as ConstantContact.

We use SalesForce, a great CRM site that allows us to efficiently organize client opportunities. While I’m cleaning up the database, I can import contacts and leads, view them and know their status in SalesForce and the SalesForce app. All of these changes will create a streamlined system,  allowing Kelly to target clients we’d like to work with and keep in contact with the current clients she loves.

I’m also working on some targeted market research for a new health care client, compiling a client/prospect database. My research gives the creative team guidance with messaging and provides us with data that will allow us to target specific markets and media channels in which to advertise.

These projects have already given me plenty of experience. I look forward to continuing my work here for the rest of the summer.