• Madeline Toth

Meet Our New dRC Intern Maddie

This being just my first week, I am enjoying being a dRC intern. It has given me the opportunity to immerse myself in a small studio setting. I have done freelance work in the past, but I appreciate having a team to interact with throughout the process. Although I am still adjusting to the environment, I am eager for what is to come with the remainder of my internship.

I am a current Junior Graphic Design major at the Cleveland Institute of Art. As a student I can choose to immerse myself in media not normally associated with my field. My work engages in formal and conceptual conversation with the history of the field, employing purposeful play with typography and materials from everyday life to shape the shifting “boundaries” that define graphic design. I value the decontextualization from traditional design in my work in order to see it as an aesthetic object for contemplation rather than commercial commodity.

The Italian Futurist movement exerts a significant influence of the way I’m able to understand graphic design. In the early industrial revolution, graphic design was enabled as the “mother of advertising.” But as time progressed, so did design. Tommaso Marinetti wrote the first Futurist Manifesto, which declared the start of a new aesthetic, “I call for a typographic revolution directed against the idiotic and nauseating concepts of the outdated and conventional book.”

This was the start to a liberation of type, and the movement that flouted all the “rules” of design. Within my work I do not fully reject the fundamental ideals of graphic design (e.g. use for commercial or capital means). Rather I choose to view my personal projects as a guide for new discoveries and to improve my skills, which will reflect in my commercial work, which I’m learning much more about with dRC.