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The Project:

The Bainbridge Recovery Club (BRC) was a pro bono project brought to us by a longstanding client. While not our largest or most public-facing non-profit client, we recognized an opportunity, and a real need, to micro-market and help locally. Our client had funded the opening of this club for recovering families and wanted a brochure to help solicit contributions and a tool for referral sources. We did a little more than that.

Upon initial review, we decided to tighten up their identity (they didn’t have a logo), provide a tag line and provide consistent look and feel. To start, we visited their facility and interviewed key stakeholders. We held our own photoshoot. Then we created comment boxes and placed them in the club so their people could provide us with testimonial content. The result was a BRC logo mark that looks good on a tee shirt, on the wall and in print. The brochure offers a genuine feel of place – there’s always a seat available at the BRC, it’s a safe place to hang out .

The club remains healthy and has secured steady private funding so they can continue to serve their community.


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