Project Description

The Project:

A renowned orthopedic surgeon came to us for help launching a new practice: an orthopedic urgent care clinic. His idea was to provide patients with a way to see an expert orthopedic physician, right away after an injury, as opposed to the usual urgent care/emergency room visit which often involves a lot of waiting and follow up appointments with orthopedic specialists.

Our good doctor needed everything, including a brand – name, logo and tagline. We aimed this branding at active adults and young people who play sports, the ones that are on the go and who will choose expert care to keep them going. Our tone is purposefully consumer-y, talking to parents of student athletes, coaches, athletic directors and active people who suffer from chronic or sporadic joint, bone or muscle pain. And we wanted to convey the immediacy with which patients could see an orthopedic physician with an international reputation.

This was the genesis for the name, GO Ortho, our running man logo and the rather friendly tag line. Because Go Ortho’s staff of leading orthopedic doctors can take care of almost any problem. The brand is making its mark and our client’s appointment calendar is full.


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