Project Description

Logo Design

Healing Springs Ranch, a start-up addiction treatment facility located in Tioga, Texas, came to us with a name, a logo, and questions. They needed their logo assessed prior to opening.

Lots of cooks had made for a difficult time building a consensus for their identity. So, with the facility opening in weeks and no time for a complete re-creation, we completed a practical assessment and refreshed their logo.

We took care of some tonal, type and color tweaks that helped to modernize the logo. We made it more harmonious as a mark, and made sure it could be reproduced and applied to different media without the all-too-common production issues. And without sacrificing any of the hard work and personal meaning invested in this mark by the Healing Springs start-up staff.

They’re happy and helping people; we’re just happy we could help.


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Camelot Old Logo WordPressLogo Design Before

Camelot New Logo WordPressLogo Design After


Peak Color Palette


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