Project Description

Logo Design and Messaging

In an industry where not everyone follows the same rules, sometimes you just need to be straightforward and a little bit bold.

Integrity came to us for an identity that reflected who they really are. In our assessment and discovery process it came to light through interviews that Integrity offers more than other billing companies. Attributes that came up again and again were honesty, knowledge, and dedication.

So we advised that they keep their name, we refreshed their logo, and we created a new tag line.

The logo solution is a type treatment containing simple design elements to illustrate that Integrity Billing looks after every detail — making sure to dot every i and cross every t.

The deep grey and red are a bold proclamation of strength, commitment, and purpose.

And the tag line declares what all organizations should expect from their billing partner, and what every client gets from Integrity – more knowledge, more service, more integrity and, at the end of the day, more billings.


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Camelot Old Logo WordPressLogo Design Before

Camelot New Logo WordPressLogo Design After


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