Project Description

Logo Design and Tagline

Camelot Care Centers, Inc., a provider of behavioral health services to the foster care system of the State of Illinois, suspected they needed a new logo design. We did an assessment and discovery process to uncover the brand’s unique value and perceptions, consisting of interviews and focus groups with key leadership and staff, foster care families, key stakeholders, and associates from the parent company.

The assessment revealed that the Camelot brand represented a team of people determined to serve the complex needs of its foster care communities. They use MacGyver-like creativity and passion to solve problems. Camelot’s overall brand perception was a little weak, but the name held value. They needed a new visual identity to help roll out operational changes, and a new tagline to coalesce their varied service lines. A mark their whole team, and the community, could recognize, feel good about, and remember.

NOTE: Camelot Care Centers has been acquired by another behavioral health organization. 


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Camelot Old Logo WordPressLogo Design Before

Camelot New Logo WordPressLogo Design After

Logo Design Solution:

The foundation for the new logo design was built from survey responses. These led us to identify key words to guide our positioning, which were: Focus, Trust, MacGyver, Engaged, Dedicated, Determined. Crafting the three C’s from Camelot Care Centers together is representative of MacGyver – creating a clever solution using whatever is available. The three Cs form a sort of protective covering, while their branches link together to support itself. The logo is also an ode to one of the past Camelot logos, refreshed but still firmly rooted in community. The chartreuse color, bold and bright, conveys individuality and strength. Through color, typeface and composition, the new logo effectively represents our values and the nature of their services.

Camelot Logo Positive

Camelot Logo negative


Camelot Business CardBusiness Card


Camelot LetterheadLetterhead