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Project Description

The Project:

Website-design. The final big step in a major brand refresh for an awesome, 100-year-young company. All the brand components come together online in this website. We had already designed Millcraft’s updated logo and new primary messaging (tag line), and now the new website carries the Millcraft brand into the future, serving expanded markets and showcasing a level of responsiveness that’s hard to match.

The work on this new website included content management, including imagery (both original and stock), as well as copy, and navigation. Our team worked closely with the Millcraft marketing team and the site developers to ensure that site measured up to all expectations. In addition to expanding upon Millcraft’s refreshed brand, the site needed to be designed for desktop and hand-held platforms, and content created with search as a key factor.



  • Website
  • Content
  • Branding

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Millcraft Website Redesign” width=

Millcraft Website Redesign

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Millcraft Website Redesign