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Logo Design and Messaging

This is more than a new logo design and tagline. It’s a renewed focus and relevance for an entire organization.

Since 1978 The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) has been an active and effective leadership forum for the addiction treatment industry. They provide legislative advocacy, outcomes benchmarking, resource management, policy development and more. Needless to say, their vision is needed now more than ever.

In recent years, however, the NAATP brand had become unfocused. They were beginning to take some heat from members. Not much had been done to keep the brand relevant to a rapidly changing industry. With new leadership in place, NAATP placed branding high on its agenda. They found dR at an addiction industry conference, saw the work we’d done for other behavioral health and addiction treatment organizations, and we began a partnership.

We began with a Brand Assessment. We surveyed NAATP Board members, members, and vendors, We reviewed the addiction treatment environment and analyzed the survey  data. It was clear that the old brand needed a complete redesign, with new messaging. Another thing was also clear: no one used their full name anymore. They had been reduced almost completely to an acronym. So showing their full name and emphasizing their national role became a priority.

The resulting logo and tagline grew out of our Assessment insights. It’s more modern, focused, dynamic, connected, and resolves some issues with their ultra-long name. Here are some highlights:

  • The icon is defined by three distinct color sections that represent voice, vision, and leadership
  • Inner triangles represent a current (a flow) of harnessed information and controlled activity
  • Color palette is:
    • Distinct from other industry brands
    • Modern but not trendy
    • Elevated yet approachable
    • Connotes stability, strength, gravitas
  • The new design included an updated name hierarchy that emphasizes National Association and helps to alleviate issues with the overall length.

The new messaging — VOICE. VISION. LEADERSHIP. — is direct, declarative, actionable and beneficial. We knew we needed to remind members of the services and benefits. The mark matches the message/the message matches the mark.

They’re happy. And, in our experience, when a new brand identity energizes and motivates a leadership team and achieves buy-in from Board members, their entire organization benefits. And that is dR’s primary goal.


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