Project Description

Re-Branding: Name, Logo, and Tagline

After two years of trying to re-brand themselves, they turned to us for help. OneEighty is a mission-based behavioral health and addiction treatment organization growing in size and scope (moving into Primary Care), adding facilities and staff, serving its communities with passion and expertise. They were known by three different names. Too often, facility street names were used to refer to the organization. Working with their CEO, key staff, and members of their Board, our team took them through our (re)branding process. We combed through their research, helped them to identify key organizational values. Self discovery at the brand level.

OneEighty came out of a universal theme — they help people, even if it’s only a little bit, it can still change the direction of a life. We helped them launch the new brand, and will remain involved with this great organization.


  • Name
  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Branding
Liberty Center Connections

Logo Design Before

OneEighty Logo

Logo Design After

Logo Design:

The arch design is a strongly supportive and sheltering image, at the same time welcoming all who need help. The colors are positively vivid. Each one — grey, purple, and yellow — shows a stage of change. Together they illustrate a diversity of services and clients. Banner and business cards

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