Project Description

The Project:

This growing consulting business needed a brand of its own. So they did what they do best – research and discovery – and shared it with our creative team. Our client and partner, “re”, specializes in executing targeted market research and analysis to help businesses re-focus and re-position, so that we can re-brand them.

They came to us, new name in hand, for a logo identity and primary messaging.

The many overlapping circles represent their brand’s rather obsessive nature as they go round and round over every uncovered detail and every survey response from their research. This is how “re” discovers  foundational factors on which to re-start client businesses.

Once we had examined their research, the tag line was a relatively simple matter,  since every one of their clients, in one way or another, was searching for the smartest way to restart their businesses, or a product or a service. Plus, the tag line rhymes, which really helps.


  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Stationery