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Process Name and Logo – Digital and Print Marketing Materials

Jeanne Coughlin of the Coughlin Group is a longtime dR client who offers management consulting to leading organizations. She is a veteran solo practitioner with a strong reputation and a solid brand. We created her logo and identity years ago, but as her practice has expanded and her market continues to evolve, she came back to us with a request to refresh, expand and clarify her brand.

As is often the case with consultants, their processes can seem intangible. Jeanne wanted to better define her unique process in a way that gave prospective clients a concrete idea of what they would receive.

So we created new visuals and messaging for online marketing and in new sell sheets. We helped clarify her process, better defining and even naming it: CG one. The process was divided into three discrete steps – creating clarity, focusing behaviors and measuring results.

This project played to one of our core competencies: helping a long-standing client refresh and refine their brand in a way that will support business development and prompt growth. We do this for companies, products and processes. And then we work with clients to carry these brand messages through to all different materials and platforms.


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