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The Project:

Wings Food Service, of Darwin, Australia, was readying to launch a new venture – Buffalo style wings (which aren’t a thing in Australia, we found out) from a truck. Yum!

Hamish, our new client in Darwin, had sampled Buffalo wings while on a walkabout in the U.S. After realizing they were the best things he’d ever tasted, he decided his dream job was to make awesome, original recipe wings and sell them from a truck.

So he developed his recipe and a business plan and bought a truck. Then he began to search for a food truck designer. Believe it or not, Hamish found Jameson’s blog about designing Food Trucks at the top of his search results.

So he checked out the blog, checked out dR and then contacted us. (Hamish and Jameson, good, creative names for a good partnership, right?)

We talked with the Wings team, discussed the scope of the job and sent some design samples to use a reference style guide. That helped Hamish to decide he wanted his truck to look bold and expressive, yet authentic. He liked retro-style trucks for their big, graphic, ‘70s-style bursts of color. So Jameson developed designs that focused on those key words and that bold retro look, while promoting the sales of Wings, of course. He also wrote a description of what the design and colors represented – fun and bold, a modern throwback standing out in a crowd, showing the way to a delectable taste experience.

The end result is a happy client, half a world away, cruising in a cool Wings truck, spreading Buffalo wing goodness to folks in and around Darwin.

And that’s how evolution works.


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