Take a Position

It’s my theme for this year – Take a Position.

It’s not like I didn’t have a position. I did. My business does. We build healthy brands, and we help organizations that help people. But during the course of a year, or five or ten, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stuff and lose sight a little bit of what you really stand for.

So, I’m taking, or re-taking, a position. I’m opening up my self and the studio. Through our tiny video series, our blogs, and our pictures, I’ll share my thoughts, my observations, and my insights on branding best practices. My whole team will be doing this, too. I invite everyone to see inside designRoom. No scripts, very little planning, no big production (ok a bit of makeup)… just us.

The position I strive for is real, transparent, committed, full of belief in my people and my clients and, not least of all, scrappy (my favorite).

Of course, this means I might be sharing my flaws, or confronting an insecurity, or risking you making fun of or disagreeing with me. To tell you the truth it’s a little scary to let people see how I process and operate.

Oh well. I’m scrappy. I can take it. ☺

I ask our clients to open up, to let us see every aspect of their organizations, so we can help them take a position they can own and profit from. It seems fair that I open up let you see inside ours.

I hope you find my shares insightful and helpful. The goal, my promise, is to share content that will help you grow and sustain your healthy brand. Taking a position is a great way to start!