Working Toward the Beginning

For me, almost all projects start off the same — working toward the beginning. I know that might not be what you wanted to hear. Everyone wants to think that each project is special (which they are!) but for me, they all start off at the same place: the end.

By starting at the end and working toward the beginning, I can put together a scope and create a timeline for each job. In order to create these critical elements of a project, I need to take into account:

Success: What does success look like at the end of the project? What is the goal or objective of the work and how is the success of the work defined?

Approvals: Who is responsible for final approval of the project in the end? Who needs to be updated regarding our status throughout?

Delivery: How is the project being delivered – print, digital, mixed format? Depending on the delivery, the timeline will need to be adjusted accordingly to allow for production, either development or printing or both.

Deadline: When is the deadline? Whether it be art for a publication, a go-live date for a website, or reveal party for a new brand – when is the day?

These ingredients make up the recipe for the end result, so they must be considered carefully at the beginning. By starting at the end and working toward the beginning, the beginning itself can be more clearly defined.