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3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Writing a Recruitment Post

By Kelly Farrell | August 23, 2021

designRoom Kelly Sferra Farrell Writing Recruitment Post

Healthy Brands Connect with the Right People

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on hiring! Never have been, never will be. But I am an expert on brands, and healthy brands connect with the right people. Let me explain.

Like most industries, our clients in the healthcare space can’t hire talent fast enough. Their needs are uniquely specialized. They’re looking for frontline workers — nurses, care coordinators, case managers and more. For obvious reasons, all are in high demand. On top of that, this particular group is totally burned out after the events of last year.

Gone are the days of drafting a simple help wanted ad and watching applicants flood in. It’s no longer good enough to simply put requirements out there and wait. Hiring talent is about more than telling people what you want from them. Finding a good fit is a two-way deal.

According to a recent Indeed survey, 72 percent of job seekers say it’s extremely or very important to see details about the company culture. Job listings today must show candidates how your organization stands out as a meaningful place to work.

Finding fit has always been the most effective way to hire. Today, it is absolutely essential to know how to communicate your brand and attract the right people. The largest segment of job seekers are millennials, a group that includes everyone between the ages of 25 and 40. Above all, millennials want meaningful work. While money matters, their career decisions don’t always put financials first according to Hays US, a leading global professional recruiting group. In fact, 74% of younger employees would accept a pay cut for a chance to work at their ideal job. David Brown, CEO, Hays US, says, “People expect to do more than punch a clock. They’re looking for meaning, a vibrant culture and to be united with their colleagues under a shared purpose.”

That may not be a surprise. I hope it’s not! No matter what the job is – from the manager at the top to the essential workers on the front lines – people want to be valued and be of value. A healthy brand makes it easy to communicate what matters most. Healthy brands are built from the inside out.

The good news is it’s easy to shift to healthy brand-oriented job listings. Building a connection with your prospective talent might mean being more real than you’re used to, but it will pay off. Ask yourself the tough questions. What are you doing to communicate not just what qualifications and skills you need, but what would make someone a good fit? Are you sharing your brand and culture in your recruitment posts? Is it easy for a potential candidate to find what makes you different?

This doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’ve previously worked with a branding firm, pull that work through your recruitment efforts. Job posts are just another opportunity to communicate on brand. If you haven’t, that’s okay! Consider these three questions below to get started on the right track.

The Questions:

1) HOW will you get attention from the right candidates?

Don’t waste anyone’s time. Be clear and concise. Lead with your vision. Your tagline should be the essence of your brand – incorporate it in your talent acquisition to underscore your brand.

2) WHY would someone want to be part of your organization?

If you’ve done the work to position your brand – you know your mission, vision and values – then you have the information. Use it when recruiting, like in this social post example:

Graphic image on the left: Include reasons to believe – that align with your workplace values – in your social posts. Graphic image on the right: Demonstrate workplace culture that promotes what’s in it for the prospective candidate.

3) WHERE are your values?

Make sure your values are reflected in the language you use, and again, be clear. Don’t be vague or expect anyone to read between the lines. Let candidates know exactly what you value.



It’s easier to build on a strong foundation than to start from scratch, but any brand can take steps to recruit healthier. Step back. Don’t make it complicated. Be objective. And try to look at your posting from an outside perspective. Communicate your values, and be patient. A healthy brand needs time to grow.


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