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A simple lesson for the season!

By Ginger Biss | December 21, 2023


In the spirit of the season, I've got a story to share—one that touched me deeply and reminded me of the beauty found in life's simplest gestures. I just had a heart-to-heart with my cousin Gwenda, who's caring for her mom, my Aunt Laurie, while she is in hospice. It's a tough situation—Aunt Laurie's on a morphine drip every four hours, and time feels like it's slipping away. But here's the thing: Gwenda is a real rockstar!

I felt bad because I realized I was late sending Aunt Laurie a birthday card. But Gwenda reassured me, saying, "No worries, she thinks every day is her birthday."

Gwenda's approach caught me off guard and really got me thinking. Instead of correcting Aunt Laurie's perception of time, Gwenda came up with this incredibly sweet idea. She bakes cupcakes, freezes them, and then brings one to Aunt Laurie every day. It's like a mini birthday celebration, a moment of joy amid the hustle and bustle – honoring the true spirit of the season.


The Power of Simple Acts of Kindness

Imagine that—a cupcake, every single day, as if it's a special occasion because each new day is truly a gift at this point. And Gwenda is making sure her mom feels that bit of joy, that spark of celebration, in her last days. What strikes me is how something so simple can mean the world. Gwenda is reminding us that love and compassion don't need grand gestures. They can be found in the most simple and ordinary acts—like sharing a cupcake and celebrating Aunt Laurie’s life while she is still with us. It's a beautiful lesson, isn't it? In the middle of extraordinarily tough times, Gwenda is showing me – and demonstrating to all of us – how to celebrate what’s most important.

What’s Your Cupcake Moment?

Let's all consider how we can all keep Aunt Laurie’s legacy alive by spreading kindness, cherishing every moment, and celebrating the love that makes life truly remarkable. After all, it's these small, heartfelt gestures that define our humanity. So, what’s your cupcake moment? I’ll certainly be searching for mine. I hope you will too.

Cheers to cupcakes, celebration, and finding selfless ways to inspire a sense of joy in the everyday.


Ginger Biss: designRoom writer, seeker of joy, and advocate for simple acts of random kindness.

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