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Anna Richard


Anna is a Graphic Designer, assisting with strategy and design on a variety of projects. Anna earned a degree in Visual Communication Design from Kent State University, where she specialized in typography, lettering, and type design. Before working at designRoom, Anna was part of a team of contractors at Google Fonts who improved and expanded the design of typefaces in the Google Fonts library. She has spoken at TypeCon and TypeWknd on the ways fonts, psychology, and design intersect. Her favorite font that she hasn't worked on is Greta Mono. She owns three different coffee makers, and is on a never-ending quest to find her favorite pen.

“Opening eyes has a lot of big moments, but being committed has a lot of smaller moments. It's about doing the right thing, even if it wasn’t the planned thing.”

Anna Richard

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Working with Canva: Smart, Not Hard.

We’re an instant-gratification nation, so it’s no surprise many of our clients want to be able to create things on the fly...

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Keeping the Lights On: Social Media Etiquette for Businesses in the Time of Coronavirus

When it comes to branding, digital advertising and social media etiquette can often feel like an afterthought. A lot of businesses might budget for traditional brand work like posters and brochures, but view their website, digital advertising, and social media as optional or secondary.

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