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Lake Erie Sunset

2024: Rise

January 24, 2024

Sometimes people make resolutions, but I prefer themes. Themes aren’t goals. They don’t involve quotas to meet or differences to…

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Kelly's daughter standing in front of Stonehedge

Special Moments on the Road

December 6, 2023

Celeste, my daughter, at Stonehenge trying to dodge an influencer blocking our shot. Full of Connections It’s amazing how things…

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Kelly Farrell listening to Anna talk

Engage Purposefully

January 24, 2023

Photo of Kelly Farrell, CEO & Founder of designRoom. Every year I like to have a theme, something to focus…

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Chad Gordon drawing on whiteboard with creative work hanging on wall.

How to Work With a Creative Agency and Why it Will Help

December 5, 2022

Many organizations have small internal marketing departments that are responsible for many things: branding, website, internal communications, marketing campaigns, new…

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Make Meaningful Connections

March 3, 2022

My dad was a storyteller. That was how he connected to people: he told his stories, and he listened to…

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Writing a Recruitment Post

August 23, 2021

Healthy Brands Connect with the Right People Disclaimer: I am not an expert on hiring! Never have been, never will…

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Kelly Farrell of designRoom driving a go cart

The True Story of an Agency That Moved Out, Moved On and Moved Forward

May 20, 2021

In early Spring of 2020, I took a hard look at the changes that were facing our clients, our clients’…

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Is Your Brand Ready to Realign? Ask These 4 Key Questions

April 23, 2021

How well does your brand deliver upon its brand promise?  Are you ready and willing to adapt your brand positioning? Is your…

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A Blast from Christmas Past with a nod to the Present

December 21, 2020

Our Most Beloved TV Spots from Christmas Past and Present Even the biggest humbug loves a good holiday commercial. On…

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Gratitude by designRoom

November 16, 2020

Someone once said that in the worst of times, the best plan of attack is to begin to count your…

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Part 3: The Hidden ROI of Successful Rebranding Strategies

October 1, 2020

Not all company rebranding benefits are easily seen, heard or felt. Sometimes you have to dig deep, far below the…

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Part 2: The Long-Term ROI of a Rebranding Strategy

September 8, 2020

Imagine your behavioral health organization 10 years from now. Do you look or feel different than you do today? Does…

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