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Kelly Farrell

Do I Have A Healthy Brand? Understand Your Strengths & Risk Factors

Do I Have A Healthy Brand? Understand Your Strengths & Risk Factors

By Kelly Farrell / May 8, 2020

A strong, healthy brand isn’t a luxury limited only to mega consumer brands like Nike, Starbucks and Apple. No, it’s something that should be the hallmark of any business, including behavioral health organizations. A healthy brand, defined Your brand is so much more than a nice logo, color palette and website. At designRoom, we believe…

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Why I Rant About Brand!

By Kelly Farrell / March 26, 2019

My rant about brand. Just one this month, I promise. I feel like a broken record, saying the same thing over and over again. Why do I do it? Because I honestly believe in my heart that a healthy brand makes your life easier. And I have seen it work for many organizations, providing almost…

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Focus, Flow, Then Let Go

By Kelly Farrell / January 22, 2019

Focus on what you love. Then flow with it and let it go. This is hard for me, but it’s my thing for this year. I wish I could write better about it! But I’ll flow, and then let it go. If I think about what fulfills me and what I love, it’s building meaningful…

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Branding is Good Medicine

By Kelly Farrell / November 29, 2018

Branding is good medicine. But sometimes, to help it go down, you need to add a spoonful of sugar. A couple weeks ago we held our annual designRoom strategic planning/branding workshop. It’s for the whole staff, and everyone prepares and contributes. The sugar I provided was lunch for everyone from L’ Albatros restaurant in University Circle,…

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Thanksgiving Tiny Video

By Kelly Farrell / November 27, 2018

  Kelly is so thankful for the entire designRoom team!

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designRoom’s Brand Evolution

By Kelly Farrell / October 31, 2018

Kelly and Lauren reflect on designRoom’s branding evolution.

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5 Brand Features That Give Me Goosebumps

By Kelly Farrell / September 27, 2018

Every time I walk through the doors of a well-positioned and branded behavioral health organization I get goosebumps. And as I visit with more of them, and speak with the incredible people that do the good work, the source of my goosebumps is clear. They all share some key traits. I’ve identified five brand features…

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A Sincere “Thanks”

By Kelly Farrell / September 20, 2018

Kelly’s simple statement for recovery month.

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Kelly off the Cuff — on Blogging and Travel

By Kelly Farrell / August 15, 2018

Kelly captured as she speaks of clients and her blog and travel to Disneyland.

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Work Life’s a Beach

By Kelly Farrell / July 31, 2018

Kelly hosted a dR team building day, ending with a grueling beach volleyball match. Everyone tasted sand.

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A Healthy Brand Keeps on Giving

By Kelly Farrell / July 26, 2018

I say it all the time — a healthy brand just keeps on giving, adding value way beyond a cool logo or tagline or website. A great example of this popped up just a few days ago. Healthy Brand in Testimony I listened to Marvin Ventrell, Executive Director of the National Association of Addiction Treatment…

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Kelly Expresses Excitement for Our New Website

By Kelly Farrell / July 2, 2018
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Have you heard? People are talking about healthy branding!

By Kelly Farrell / April 29, 2018

Trade show season is in full swing. And I love it. I just got back from my first two shows of the season – The Admissions & Marketing Symposium and NATCON18 – and am continually humbled and honored by my experiences. The people, the energy, the conversations. They get me going and keep me going. Upon…

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Refining the Process

By Kelly Farrell / March 29, 2018
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Healthy Branding in a Time of Change

By Kelly Farrell / February 26, 2018

Change is an inevitable part of life and business, especially a small business. Change is constant yet, in the moment, it can feel quite unexpected. Recently, designRoom experienced an unexpected change. A key member of our team moved on to a new opportunity. I’m very happy for her and she is going to do great…

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Fashion, Clients, and Addys

By Kelly Farrell / February 22, 2018

Lauren and Anna are headed to the Addys! designRoom is nominated for several Addys this year. Also, Kelly talks about visiting a few of our clients.

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Reflecting on My 2017 "Take a Position" Theme

By Kelly Farrell / December 21, 2017

Take a Position. It was my theme for 2017. And my promise – to you and to myself – was to share content and thoughts and ideas that would help others grow and sustain a healthy brand. My goal in taking a position was to open up and share: • Our studio • Our process,…

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Kelly says Happy Holidays!

By Kelly Farrell / December 20, 2017

Happy Holidays from Kelly and dR.

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I Have an Idea…

By Kelly Farrell / November 22, 2017

I have an idea… That’s how it always starts. It scares practically everyone I say it to. This time of year it feels like I say it every single day. I have always been a planner – when I was little my dad would say, “You must have gotten hit in the head with a…

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Kelly’s Travels: Across the Country in 21 Days

By Kelly Farrell / October 31, 2017

Kelly’s been traveling — helping clients, speaking, and learning. Let’s see where she’s been on her travels and what she’s been doing!

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From the Heart, to the Heart

By Kelly Farrell / October 31, 2017

Brands that market from the heart will create strong, enduring bonds. I have seen it work. It has been over a week, but I am still feeding off the energy from the Admissions & Marketing Symposium in Los Angeles. My first-ever west coast presentation went well. It won’t be my last! I was challenged by…

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Reflections from NCAD 2017: Branding First

By Kelly Farrell / August 29, 2017

My reflections from NCAD? Branding first. Web next. While at NCAD, I noticed there is more chatter around branding today than there was two years ago, which is great! Though branding is part of the conversation today, many still aren’t sure where branding fits within the process of marketing a new or evolving organization. CEO’s…

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First Impressions Matter

By Kelly Farrell / July 27, 2017

Kelly talks about how a healthy brand always makes good first impressions.  

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It’s a New Day at NAATP

By Kelly Farrell / May 30, 2017

I just returned from NAATP National 2017, the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers’ (NAATP) annual national conference. Yes, it’s a new day. We had the privilege of working with NAATP’s then-new leadership team on an organizational rebranding. We did the whole package – a brand assessment with stakeholder interviews and membership surveys; mission, vision,…

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Kelly says, “See you at NAATP National!”

By Kelly Farrell / May 17, 2017

Kelly getting ready for NAATP National and sharing her one big thing about healthy branding.

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Tiny Videos – Kelly – Behind the Apple

By Kelly Farrell / April 12, 2017

In this tiny video, Kelly is choosing what size apple will be on our new trade show booth. Come see it at one of the trade shows!

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Tiny Videos – Kelly – Welcome

By Kelly Farrell / March 30, 2017

Welcome to tiny videos! We’re going to be posting short videos like these in the future to provide insight on our process, and to help you get to know us.

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dR at NATCON 2017

By Kelly Farrell / March 28, 2017

dR will be at NATCON! Kelly’s excited to see some of you there. Tiny videos are a new series of spur of the moment shorts, each one under a minute, that give you insight into our studio, the people in it, and random day-to-day happenings.

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Take a Position

By Kelly Farrell / March 23, 2017

It’s my theme for this year – Take a Position. It’s not like I didn’t have a position. I did. My business does. We build healthy brands, and we help organizations that help people. But during the course of a year, or five or ten, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day stuff…

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“I trust them with my brand. I trust them with my marketing business. They will not steer you wrong. They will ensure everything is on point moving forward.”

Lauren Byers, Vice President, MarshBerry

"Our client base increased. Our staff base increased. Our reputation and notoriety in the industry increased. The branding has lifted us up to be very confident.”

Denise Corbisiero, COO, Integrity Billing

“We trust them as true professionals who really understand the process that’s required to do things right.”

Carole Boye, CEO, Community Alliance

“They really bring in the heart behind the message. They tell the story in ways that are compelling. They’re really creative and that matters.”

Anthony Guido, VP of Communications & Marketing, Cohen Veterans Network

“…we really felt that they understood what we wanted to accomplish. They listened to us instead of puking their process on us.”

Laura Bren, President, Deeley Insurance Group

“Loved the process – we got so much more than a new logo; helped us unite around a common mission and language.”

Travis Pearson, CEO, Endeavors

“This input helped us work better together as a team. The whole brand refresh process was a wonderful team building opportunity.”

Matthew Wolf, Vice President, Seabrook

“We never had the production value in terms of the presentation/signage – the quality was new and impressive and people really embraced it.”

Marvin Ventrell, Executive Director, National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers

“Take the time to let designRoom get to know you. It is amazing that they get to the core of who you are…”

Jonathan Lee, President & CEO, Signature Health, Inc.

“They became much more like partners deeply embedded inside our business.”

Travis Mlakar, President, Millcraft Paper

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