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That Awkward Moment Before You Write

By Shaun Culbertson | July 25, 2017


Have you felt that awkward moment before you try to write something… like a blog? If so, do you like it or hate it? If you hate it, you probably don’t like blogging. But if you like it, then writing for you harbors a powerful, inner drive to inspire people.

I embrace that awkward moment. It feels like time stops and life flashes a little in front me. “Here is your chance to speak out and say everything you ever wanted to say,” I think. Or is it?

My awkward moment before I write a blog is when my mind races through everything I know, learned, read, and seen. I ask myself questions like, would this benefit someone who is reading my blog? Then I stop, look out the window and ponder life’s secrets. What makes me happy? Why do I anger? Is this blog about anything important, really?

Jack London said it best, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” This is such a great quote . You can’t sit around and debate yourself on what your going to write, what people are going to think, and whether it’s inspiring or not. Blogs exist for about 5 minutes. After that they are bookmarked, shared, or forgotten. So why spend a lot time thinking about what you’re going to write? Bottom line, EVERYDAY you should go after inspiration with a club. Go out and find what makes you tick and what inspires you to get out of bed ever day. That way, you limit the awkward moment before you write.

Someone out there will find your blog inspiring. What’s inside your mind is unique and sheltered. Open it up to everyone who cares. Challenge that awkward moment before writing, take a few deep breaths, stretch, maybe watch the birds fly by your office window. Invite that inspiration you clubbed a few days ago to pop in your head. Spread that idea beautifully, like a wild flower in a garden. Be bold and be brave. And be awkward!

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Shaun Culbertson

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