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Becoming the Client. My Personal Logo Design Experience.

By Lauren Miller | December 2, 2019


In true millennial form, I’m starting a side hustle. For years my fiancé and I have talked about how we can combine our unique expertise – he’s good a creating and building stuff, I’m good at branding and marketing that stuff – to generate a little extra income. This year we finally decided to do it.

Once the decision was made, our next steps were clear.

    1. Create a business plan
    2. Secure a company name
    3. Acquire the tools for the trade
    4. Build the brand identity

The first three steps were fairly turnkey. We had been talking about this for so long that these just fell into place. Building the brand identity, however, is something we would need some professional help on. Luckily, I know some people. So, I commissioned a project with one of our designers, Anna. She is my designer, my account manager, and I am her client.

I’m in the middle of the logo design process right now with the help of a Graphic Design Service Subscription, but I can already say that it has been a fantastic learning experience. I’ve managed this process so many times for our clients but becoming the client has given me a fresh perspective and has brought to life some key considerations for anyone about to embark on this process.

The more information, the better.

At dR we kick off our logo process with a logo board meeting, where we share different logos and listen to what our clients like or don’t like. Our designers crave this information, as it’s essential to crafting a product that exceeds expectations. Going through this process, I’ve learned that every detail counts. The designers truly want to understand our preferences, even if it seems mundane. And I can now see first-hand how this information is taken to heart and applied in the design.

Think ahead.

Throughout the process, Anna encouraged me to think ahead to what methods I may use in marketing so we could get a sense of how and on what the logo may appear. It seems obvious, but there are a lot of considerations to think through. Will you be selling merch? Will it be on a giant sign? These are just a couple of questions we discussed, and my answers guided the style and format Anna is using for my logo.

Trust the experts.

Logo design is an art form in and of itself. While my fiancé was able to provide inspiration and rough sketches of his logo ideas, it became clear that a lot more goes into this than being able to draw a picture. The designer has a depth of expertise that is invaluable, and they will ultimately deliver something that is not only beautiful but functional to all aspects of building and marketing your organization.

I still have a way to go before my logo is complete and my side hustle is up and running, but I am so thankful that I’ve gone through this process. I’m learning more and more about this craft every day, and I am able to experience first-hand the exciting, stressful, exhilarating, thought-provoking, process my clients go through. It’s emotional, yet so fulfilling. And I can’t wait to see my vision come to life.

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