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A Brand May Be

By Joe Miller | May 12, 2016


Imagine what your brand is, and what it may be. It’s a healthy branding exercise.

I often think about what may be. Since it’s May, a hopeful month, it seems like a good thing to do. I like to imagine what could happen and what may be in store for me, for dRC, and, of course, for our clients. It is one of the first things we think about in our branding process — what a client brand may be, in every sense.

Here is a selection of May be’s I’ve been contemplating for this summer. Some are probably a bit further off in the future. A few are personal. A bunch of them are work-related. Some may be coming true at any moment.

Top thoughts on brand May be’s (in no particular order):

  • The Cleveland Cavaliers May be NBA Champions
  • 5% of a brand’s stock value May be derived solely from its image
  • dRC May be helping a national network of Veterans’ behavioral health clinics
  • Your logo May be in need of fixing
  • Kelly May be an in-demand conference speaker on brand health
  • I May be a solo recording artist
  • A tag line May be the first description of you anyone sees or hears
  • Kim May be a lottery winner
  • An established brand May be revitalized for more success
  • Chad May be a published author of a book of his photography
  • Your brand May be made more productive
  • Shaun May be finished hiking all of the Appalachian Trail
  • dRC May be showing off some new faces
  • Doctor C May be one of our better ideas
  • We May be showing a lot of new healthy branding work very soon
  • Juan Harris’s dog, Coco, May be our favorite client pet
  • Logos, technically, from the Greek, is a literary device that May be defined as — a statement, sentence or argument used to convince or persuade a targeted audience by employing reason or logic. (Nice!)
  • May be we can all be washed in sunshine, all the time

I think maybe that’s a good start.


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