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Community Alliance Behavioral Health Marketing Success Story

By designRoom | November 8, 2022

Graphic of Media Channels including Website, Facebook, and Instagram

Marketing Challenge

Community Alliance is driven to put recovery in reach for all of Omaha. They are actively working to make recovery possible for people who struggle with mental health and substance abuse issues so they can learn to live, work and thrive within the local community.

With the support of designRoom, the behavioral health organization is working towards a lofty goal of building awareness for their integrated health care model that will result in increased client acquisition. They are aiming to grow to 10,000 clients per year in three years, and hope to promote inclusivity and engagement for all audiences, regardless of race, culture or socioeconomic status.

The challenge for Community Alliance is finding an effective way to position itself as a viable integrated health care provider. In an era where many people start their research, and even potentially their treatments, online, the goal is to position Community Alliance as an authority figure in the mental health field and to talk about what makes their culture unique.


designRoom designed and wrote Facebook and Instagram posts for Community Alliance social media channels as a part of the monthly marketing strategy.

Marketing Insight

designRoom has worked with Community Alliance on their rebranding efforts in the past, and with this new goal, we shifted our focus to improving their behavioral health marketing efforts. We saw a need to improve their digital footprint and to highlight their culture in a way that grows awareness and encourages individuals to seek their help.


designRoom utilized photos from a directed photoshoot onsite at Community Alliance's facility.

Marketing Solution

Through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, designRoom helped Community Alliance grow its digital footprint throughout the pandemic and beyond. By building an active presence on social media, creating a monthly email newsletter, and enhancing their website with fresh content and an educational blog, we were able to help position Community Alliance as a leader in the mental health community.

Along with improved digital behavioral health marketing tactics, we also implemented a 40th Anniversary Logo, a branded story video to put faces to their brand, and two annual reports highlighting clients' successes at Community Alliance.


designRoom pulled quotes and data to create compelling on brand social media graphics.

Marketing Impact

While the impact of our enhanced digital marketing efforts is still being felt, we were initially able to help grow new visitors to the site by 64% and improved their time spent on the Community Alliance website. Organic search is driving more new users to the website than any other channel, and the click-through-rate on blogs and newsletters is higher than the average for the health care and non-profit industry. Social is growing to be a driving referral source for Community Alliance, with a 106% increase in Facebook visits from 2020 to 2021.

"With such a focus on traditional marketing efforts within the local Omaha community, it never occurred to us we could be making a larger-scale impact by utilizing digital marketing to build awareness for our integrated health organization. designRoom has managed to maintain our brand identity across all marketing channels and help us make noticeable strides towards our goals."

- Carole Boye, CEO, Community Alliance

About dR

At designRoom, we make it our business to find real answers and create custom healthcare brands. We believe effective healthcare branding is grounded in research, directed by insight, and driven by strategy.

We love seeing how strategic branding helps the right clients find the right organizations and receive the right care. That’s been our focus for over a decade. Today designRoom is an award-winning, national branding and design firm, known for helping clients build and promote healthy, sustainable brands. And we are super proud of that.

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