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Digital Detox IV

By Shaun Culbertson | July 31, 2019

9401-BlogImage-SC-July 1

Far away the misty mountains call,
Where I prepare to stay, despite rain’s torrential fall.

I never know why or what pushes me to say goodbye,
The only thing I hear is the heavenly call of nature’s cry

All life’s responsibilities will be put on hold,
Along with electronic devices; tremendously bold.

But to seek why, I’ll need clarity and focus,
This mindset sparks ideas not normally noticed.

The winds will be of greater strength
When I summit the heights, a full journey’s length.

In my chest the spruces roar,
I hear the screech when hawks, they soar.

When I reach the rugged peak,
I inevitably know what my soul seeks.


Dedicated to Bald Mountain / North Carolina


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