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Behavioral Health Branding Success Story

Branding Challenge

Growth can be a blessing and a curse. In 2018, our client LESC was the proud recipient of an award from the State of New York to help transform and improve the State's Medicaid System. LESC used the funds to create the LESC Behavioral Health Care Collaborative (BHCC). In 2020, the collaborative became certified as an Independent Practice Association (IPA) and needed its own brand and identity.

Since our contact at LESC handled the infrastructure necessary to connect the smaller agencies, she knew she needed professional behavioral healthcare branding to match the scale of the new organization.

designRoom - Cogency - Insight - 960 x 680_

During the assessment phase, we discovered 4 core values.

Branding Insight

With so many moving parts, working together was critical to the organization and our team. When researching the 26 behavioral health organizations within the collaborative, we found common themes of community, collectivity, and equality throughout. While they knew that working together would allow each organization to serve as a specialist in their service area, they all wanted to maintain an equal voice in the larger organization.

Through our brand assessment, we realized many of the new members of the collaborative had limited awareness of each other but wanted to improve lines of communication for referrals and consistency of care. They all valued being part of the process of brand creation and brought a lot of great insight to the table that would guide our solution.

designRoom - Cogency - Solution 1 - 960 x 680

designRoom designed all new stationary.

designRoom - Cogency - Solution 2 - 960 x 680

designRoom redesigned and led the development of a new website while coordinating it's launch with the new brand reveal.

Branding Solution

Developing a cohesive brand for so many unique organizations was no simple task for our team. By working through every aspect of the behavioral health branding, from value proposition to logo, we were able to create something that genuinely encompassed this newly assembled, cohesive behavioral health entity.

Cogency Integrated Healthcare was born from the idea that all of these organizations are working together in a clear, logical and convincing way. The name was supported by the tagline "Caring. Coordinated. Committed." The goal was to create a name and tagline that speaks to the coordination of these behavioral health entities and how dedicated each was to the overall organization's goal of providing the highest level of care.

From there, we developed a logo that follows through on the theme of unity, dependence, and many pieces fitting togethe

Branding Impact

With this new behavioral health branding, we created a professional identity for Cogency with an elevated look and feel that truly represents the major healthcare system they are. The Cogency brand launched in 2019 and was embraced by all 26 individual behavioral health organizations operating under Cogency's umbrella.

“designRoom has really helped bring awareness to how we can really market ourselves, tell our stories, and get others to invest in us.”

- Valerie, President and CEO

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