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A Insurance Rebranding Success Story

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Branding Challenge

In an industry that feels homogenized and transactional, Deeley Insurance Group, originally called Atlantic/Smith Cropper & Deeley, stood out from the crowd, approaching every client relationship with energy, expertise, and a caring spirit. After all, they’re helping people protect the things they love the most.

The firm’s leadership had spent the last decade transforming their staff and culture, but the external brand didn’t reflect their internal evolution. The name was too long as a result of multiple mergers and acquisitions, and they lacked a unified messaging platform.

After meeting with multiple agencies, they weren’t impressed. Another designRoom client, MarshBerry, recommended us and we clicked right from the start.

Branding Insight

Because of a history of acquisition, consolidation and change, ICOY needed to update and unify the organization’s identity and brand platform to drive differentiation and increase awareness.

It became abundantly clear that developing a centralized, overarching brand architecture and aligning all member service teams under a unified brand identity held the promise of eliminating confusion, boosting awareness, and inspiring and supporting a positive and cooperative organizational culture.

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Branding Solution

After reviewing final results from the organization’s strategic planning initiative, we held a kick-off call with ICOY Leadership, conducted online surveys with staff, the Board and member organizations (62 total respondents), and reviewed ICOY’s existing brand and messaging. Assessing all raw data and conducting a thorough organizational comparison provided the ICOY internal team all the research they needed to drive a strategic, solutions-based approach. As a team, we were able to determine there was substantial existing equity in the ICOY name. That’s where the design process started.

After creating several options for a rebranded logo and tagline, the ICOY team settled on a look and feel that presented a united front. The final choice was a simple but high-impact logo, a benefit-driven tagline and a compelling messaging framework – based on ICOY’s core values. The dR digital team then moved forward to develop a new, user-friendly website interface, as well as a brand style guide.

Branding Impact

The Deeley Insurance Group brand platform provides the team with a clear, concise, and unified look and messaging to utilize across everything they do.

Best of all, it’s real. The brand isn’t just a bunch of aspirational words on paper. It authentically represents what they do – and have always done – best.

“For me as a leader, getting clarity around who we are is hard to put a price tag on. Being able to have the last 10 years of what I’ve been trying to accomplish crystalized is awesome. We’re more confident that we’re saying the right thing. It’s created an energy around who we are and how we show up. It’s pivotal. It’s the defining moment.”

- Laura Deeley Bren, President, Deeley Insurance Group

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