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Creative Branding Success Story


Branding Challenge

As a trusted medical adhesives expert, DermaMed is known for developing new products that meet various needs in the healthcare industry. What makes them different is their ability to deliver tailored adhesives and the latest technology with a team of dedicated engineers.

As the company introduced a new medical adhesive product to the market that is gentle and soft during the removal and repositioning on the skin, they leaned on the creative branding of designRoom to bring the product to life. With just 30 days to launch the product at an upcoming trade show, our team got right to work.

Branding Insight

While DermaMed didn’t need a full brand assessment like many of our other projects, we still took time to understand the product, what made it unique, and why it filled a need in the market. This gentle, repositionable and affordable adhesive was well suited for short-term medical applications. As a healthcare branding agency, we knew the importance of highlighting these differentiators clearly and concisely for a busy audience.


Branding Solution

Working under a tight deadline, our team collaborated to come up with the name GentL. With a corresponding tagline, “Light Touch. Low Trauma.”, we were able to effectively communicate the product’s unique aspects with just four words. A custom logo added to the professionalism of the new product and would make the perfect addition to any potential collateral being used at the upcoming trade show and beyond.

Branding Impact

While the impact of our GentL creative branding is still ongoing, we were able to help DermaMed create a go-to-market look and feel that was professional, on-brand, and trade show ready. We understood that sometimes it could be hard to quickly and effectively communicate the benefits of a new product, especially when dealing with short attention spans. So, our creative branding efforts focused on maximizing visibility and communicating differentiators.

“Trade shows are a great way to get new products in front of the right audiences, but with such limited time to make a pitch, we needed our creative branding to do the work for us. designRoom quickly and effectively helped us turn this from a single product into a professional brand under the DermaMed umbrella.”

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