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Brand Refresh Success Story

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Branding Challenge

Faces & Voices of Recovery organizes and mobilizes Recovery Community Organizations (RCO) that serve over 23 million Americans in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other substances. Faces & Voices is trying to change the way addiction and recovery are understood and embraced through advocacy, education and leadership. This important work includes encouraging strategic partnerships with RCO’s and fostering supportive relationships among families, friends and allies.

The behavioral health organization reached out to designRoom to unify their business units in a way that made sense for their internal teams and the individuals they help serve regularly. The goal was to clarify their offerings and make it easier for individuals to utilize their necessary behavioral health resources.

Branding Insight

Before engaging in the creative process of rebranding the behavioral health agency, we conducted a thorough brand assessment and market research with key stakeholders and constituents. Based on assessments from internal and external audiences, we found that many people associated Faces & Voices with the film, The Anonymous People. And while strategic partners were familiar with the organization’s database services, they were unaware of the 150-member organization of associated resources.

We used our findings to shed light on the gaps in the existing branding strategy for Faces & Voices of Recovery. By working closely with the organization, we were excited about the prospect of unifying the brand, building more transparency, and helping individuals get easier access to the potentially life-saving services and programs they needed.

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Branding Solution

Our team got to work doing what we do best, creating a cohesive rebranding for Faces & Voices of Recovery that felt genuine to the brand and communicated more effectively about what they had to offer.

We started with an updated logo for the behavioral health organization that represented advocacy in motion on a global scale. The foundation of the design is based on sound waves and longitudinal lines found on a globe. However, the figurative rendering allows for further connotations of multiplicity, diversity, action and growth. With a corresponding tagline, “Advocate. Act. Advance.”, we could concisely describe the organization's core capabilities.

A fresh approach to communicating all that Faces & Voices of Recovery had to offer included a comprehensive approach. We worked from the fundamentals of a distilled brand purpose to logo development with a symbolic focus, unified imagery, cohesive brand messaging, and a dedicated brand style guide. The tagline also offers a sense of flow to their activities: advocacy leads to action, which leads to an advance, organizationally and/or personally.

With the development of sub-brand identities, we were able to create four individual service lines and logos that revolve around the corporate logo to create continuity in a clear and easily recognizable way.

Branding Impact

We fully understood the importance of the work being done at Faces & Voices of Recovery, and we made it our mission to ensure that every person who came in contact with their brand understood that importance, too. By unifying their programs and services in a way that made sense to their internal teams and the individuals they serve, we were able to help propel their mission of changing the way addiction and recovery are understood through advocacy, education and leadership.

"designRoom really took our rebranding to DNA level to transform the way our organization is perceived and understood – from the inside out."

- Philip Rutherford, CEO, Faces & Voices of Recovery

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