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Integrity Billing Branding Success Story





Branding Challenge

As a young company entering the competitive revenue cycle management landscape, Integrity Billing wanted to stand out. While they found their niche in the behavioral health space, they were swimming in a sea of brand sameness. They wanted a stronger presence while maintaining the expression of integrity at the heart of their brand.

So, in 2016, they asked us to help them surpass the playing field, starting with a new brand to support their growth.

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Branding Insight

Our brand discovery process began with a host of internal and external interviews to identify key attributes and strengths. We learned that Integrity Billing’s clients vetted them for integrity above anything else. Their actions needed to match their word.

It also became clear that Integrity Billing offers clients more than other billing companies. This common theme of expecting or doing more became the backbone of our recommendations.

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Branding Solution

Playing on Integrity Billing’s due diligence, the new logo utilizes a simple grey treatment augmented by red to illustrate that the company dots every i and crosses every t (literally and figuratively).

With the tagline, we built a new brand narrative that was captured in a powerful statement, Expect More. The idea emphasizes what organizations should expect from their billing partner, and what every client actually experiences from Integrity Billing – more knowledge, more service, more integrity and, at the end of the day, more efficiency in billings.

Branding Impact

ICOY has become recognized for becoming the largest provider voice for youth-serving programs and services in Illinois – advocating for legislation, policies and practices that keep children, youth and their families safe and healthy. A unified rebranding has worked to bring about the realization of shared support services, standardized procedures and processes, and the marketing and motivational power of a single brand.

Because ICOY offers accredited training to member organizations, the website was a fundamental part of operations. And it is often the first introduction external audiences have to the ICOY brand. During COVID-19, offering online training became more important than ever and ICOY was equipped to meet the challenge with far greater ease.

“The brand has become our most valuable asset.”

- Eric Yorlano, CEO, Integrity Billing

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