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Evidence-Based Branding

By Lauren Miller | October 23, 2018

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I hear a lot about evidence-based treatment as I travel. Over the past ten months I have been fortunate to attend behavioral health and addiction treatment trade shows and conferences across the country. These shows are pivotal for my personal growth. I am able to engage with experts in the field, current and potential clients, learn from clinicians and researchers, and hear first-hand about trends surfacing within the field.

Evidence-Based Practice is Always a Hot Topic. 

The principle is simple enough. It’s all about providing high quality services that lead to good outcomes. Evidence-based practitioners must integrate clinical expertise, scientific evidence from research, and the needs and values of clients/patients/caregivers. 

The Practice of Evidence-Based Branding.

The more I learn about the principles behind Evidence-Based Practice, the more I realize that these same principles apply to branding. In fact, the steps we practice in Evidence-Based Branding are fairly representative of the steps in evidence-based practice

  1. Assess: Understand what success looks like for you and your organization. 
  2. Ask Questions: What makes you special or different from everyone else?
  3. Acquire Evidence: Conduct research among key audiences. 
  4. Appraise Evidence: Use expertise to reveal brand positioning insights from the research.
  5. Apply: Infuse that brand position into the visual brand identity and core operations of the organization.
  6. Audit: Continually ensure that your actions are in line with the brand position.

The principle remains simple. In order to build a healthy brand, we create a unique position through expertise, evidence, vision, and the needs and values of the audience. This is the process designRoom follows every time we begin to build a brand. Because we know that the healthiest brands are built upon evidence. We have seen it work.  

About dR

At designRoom, we make it our business to find real answers and create custom healthcare brands. We believe effective healthcare branding is grounded in research, directed by insight, and driven by strategy.

We love seeing how strategic branding helps the right clients find the right organizations and receive the right care. That’s been our focus for over a decade. Today designRoom is an award-winning, national branding and design firm, known for helping clients build and promote healthy, sustainable brands. And we are super proud of that.

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