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I Have an Idea…

By Kelly Farrell | November 22, 2017


I have an idea…

That’s how it always starts. It scares practically everyone I say it to. This time of year it feels like I say it every single day.

I have always been a planner – when I was little my dad would say, “You must have gotten hit in the head with a date book!” because I was always thinking two steps ahead, marking every single date on my calendar. This is particularly true during the last few months, when my head starts swimming with plans and ideas for the upcoming year. But an idea is only a thought. I also need to plan some action around it. (We all need a bit of help, right? Here’s a link to some cool “planning” type gifts for your favorite CEO’s and Girl Bosses.)

Obsessive ideation and planning are not unique to me, obviously. We all deal with meetings and tasks and time stacking and work. An idea rarely gets the attention it needs without focus. So when the idea thing starts happening I need to find ways to clear my head and get my ideas out there and in motion. Here are some of the things I do to provide a successful year-end and set me up right for the new year:

Idea List For Year-End Success

  1. Look back at our goals from last year to see what was done
  2. CLEANING PARTY at the Office!!
  3. Look at what did not get done and why
  4. YOGA, lots of yoga
  5. Look at our successes, and see if we can bottle it for next year
  6. TEAM OUTING! Need to let your hair down every once in awhile
  7. Assess trade shows attended and presentations given
  8. Gear Up – Tech Up! Who needs what for the upcoming year to do their job
  9. OFF-SITE – dR Team Session!

The dR Team Session is the most important. This is where me and my team vet ideas, beat up ideas, have more ideas, and make ideas happen. It really helps our company for us to be unified, purposeful, clean(!), motivated, inspired, and moving in the same direction. Just like we do with our healthy branding.

So when you have a good idea don’t just chase it. Plan for it.

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