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A Logo Refresh can Refresh your Brand!

By Chad Gordon | April 20, 2016

Chad April Blog

Signs you need a logo refresh:

Tired of wearing that tattered company polo with the old logo and the coffee stain?

Embarrassed by your Brady Bunch brand colors?

Done with using that nineteen-eighties typeface that smells like a musty basement?

Frustrated with not being able to find the one digital copy of your logo file that gets passed around like the men’s room key? You know the file — the low resolution .jpg that can’t be enlarged beyond an inch wide without your logo looking like a Rorshach test.

Bewildered because, despite all of this, you know your teammates would have a meltdown at the mention of a logo redesign?

Well friends, let me tell you about something we call…

Logo Refresh!

Maybe you don’t need a complete logo rebuild. But I’m a designer. No, I’m a Creative Director. If I didn’t design your logo, I always believe I can do it better. If I designed it three years ago, I think I can design it better today. Most designers are built that way. However, a smart designer will understand that not every logo needs a complete redesign. It just might need to be tweaked. Updated. Refreshed.

You Need a Logo Refresh If:

1. Your logo no longer accurately represents who you are or what you do. Your company may have grown and evolved since your logo was designed. It’s possible your logo hasn’t grown with you, yet retains a substantial amount of equity in the minds and eyes of your audience. You don’t need a complete redesign. You need a Logo Refresh!

2. It just looks old. There is a difference between looking classic and being out-dated. Would you go to a new business meeting in a 70’s leisure suit? Time for a Logo Refresh!

3. You don’t own any logo files. (We see this more often than you think.) We’ll start working with a new client and ask for a file of their logo, and all they have is a pixelated low resolution jpg (if that). You know what that logo file looks like when I enlarge it? Even a business card? It looks like %$#&. And it makes your company look like %$#&. Even if you don’t need the logo design changed, you need appropriate logo files so when you reproduce your logo it looks all shiny and fresh! Unless you can somehow find the original logo file, your logo will need to be recreated in order to make the appropriate files. That is a Logo Refresh!

4. You constantly have production issues. Maybe you have the right file formats, but your logo looks like a dirt smudge when its reduced. Is it fixable? Yes, with a Logo Refresh! Or maybe your colors look different every time they are reproduced, or you use thirty-five different typefaces. The most likely culprit is a lack of brand guidelines. That’s included in a Logo Refresh!

Here are some examples of Logo Refreshes that we’ve completed:

Logo Refresh

Logo Refresh: Typography adjustments and customization to make the text more legible and clean up shapes.


Logo Refresh Healing Springs

Logo Refresh: Typeface change for legibility at smaller sizes, color tweak and logomark adjustments


Logo Refresh_Eastern

Logo Refresh: Redraw vector art and simplify design for legibility


Logo Refresh Normandy Senior Living

Logo Refresh: Create vector art, modernize the shield, add the name, create a color system for divisions.


Logo Refresh

Logo Refresh: Modernized design, typeface and colors.


Logo Refresh_DermaMed

Logo Refresh: Cleaned up overall design and modernized typefaces for legibility and simplicity.


Logo Refresh NMS

Logo Refresh: Name change called for a logo adjustment.

As you can see, refreshing your current logo can be a viable way of infusing new energy into your brand.

Don’t delay, Refresh Today!

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