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Love What You Do, Your Brand Shines Through 

By Chad Gordon | October 30, 2018

Chad October

When you love what you do, your brand shines through. It might seem a little touchy-feely, because for me in this case, it is. 

My daughter started her freshman year in college this past August. During this hectic, bittersweet transition I’ve had quite a few internal freakout moments. Did I prepare her well enough? Did I give her the right advice? How do I strike the balance between overwhelming her with endless life tips versus encouraging her independence and personal discovery on her own terms? What is the single most important piece of advice I can give her? 

The other day I was working away in my office when I overheard Kelly tell a coworker, “I love what I do!” I didn’t hear the context, but without any hesitation I thought, “I do too!” And I kept on working.

After a few more minutes I paused. “Love what you do.”  That’s it. Such a simple concept, one that was taught to me by my parents and teachers. We hear it all the time, and that is why I think it is so often overlooked. I have loved what I’ve been doing since I began. I have a happy and rewarding life because of it. I’m a healthy brand!

Furthermore, I love what I do in part because I work with people who love what they do. Most importantly, we’ve been lucky to work for people who have the same passion about their lives. It is easier and more rewarding to create brands for people who have a passion for what they do. It naturally shines through in what we create. 

So my mind is more at ease as I write this, because I have been talking to my daughter for years about loving what you do. More importantly, I believe I’ve showed it to her. It’s a key part of my own brand, and I believe it’s the most important thing I have shared with her. 

Now, she is in the process of finding what she loves. I’m confident she will get there, and I can stop worrying about her knowing how to do her own laundry. Because I’m confident she does not love that. 

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