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Millcraft Brand Positioning Success Story

By designRoom | November 8, 2022


Branding Challenge

Millcraft is known for delivering paper and packaging solutions across industries. Their commitment to maintaining a family-owned feel despite their modern paper and packaging innovations sets them apart in their industry.

Due to recent and potential acquisitions, the brand wanted to take a step back and develop a value proposition that would apply to their entire brand family and be sustainable. By creating a solid foundation for communications and marketing materials, the Millcraft brand could maintain consistency and shape the outside perception of its internal capabilities.

Branding Insight

designRoom understood the importance of maintaining the existing brand identity of Millcraft while also helping to shape its vision for the future with improved brand positioning. By performing a brand assessment and interviewing customers, employees, and long-standing clients, we could get a holistic picture of where the brand positioning needed our support. 

Many customers reported that they weren't confused over the products and services Millcraft had to offer, but they lacked awareness of the breadth of their offerings. We also found a disconnect between what the customers felt the role of Millcraft was as a merchant and what the internal team felt their part was. 

Since there are some long-standing competitors in MIllcraft's space, designRoom got to work creating a solution that addressed the concerns of the customers and the internal team members.

Branding Solution

As a branding agency, designRoom understood the key to solving Millcraft's problem was clearly defining a value proposition and ensuring it was adopted internally and externally. We settled on, "We make it our business to know your business – anticipating and innovating solutions, custom-designed to work better for you. When you put your name on it, we put ours behind it." After creating an all-encompassing value proposition, we created an elevator pitch for internal sales teams and customer service staff to use to ensure consistency across the brand.

Along with providing detailed recommendations on improving the website, our branding agency also recommended reorganizing and renaming service lines to offer clarity, cohesion, and overall consistency.

Branding Impact

Since education was vital, internally and externally, we educated Millcraft about how to organize what they sell, build a new website, and better position themselves for growth in a new market. This education made it easier for Millcraft to envision the brand's future without sacrificing the integrity of what they've already created.

Having an updated value proposition gave every Millcraft employee a clear understanding of what the company stood for and its mission regarding supporting its clients.

"We have always believed in innovation and evolution. And while we knew that our existing reputation was important, we also knew we needed to provide more clarity to our customers and internal team members to ensure we were always putting our best foot forward. We are grateful to designRoom for helping to build a foundation that serves us now and as we continue growing in the future." - Travis Mlakar, COO

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