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My Year in Review

By Kelly Farrell | December 17, 2015

My Year in Review

This is my year in review.

2015 has definitely affirmed what I want to do with designRoom Creative. I’m intensely grateful for the people I’ve met, the work we’ve done, and the exciting projects to come. So I’ve put together kind of a list of reverse-resolutions – things that I totally would have wished for at the end of 2014.

Help organizations that help people.

This is our renewed focus – to help organizations that help people, primarily in the behavioral health and addiction treatment industries. Yes, these are tough markets, but they really need our unique, process-driven approach to positioning and branding, especially in our evolving Affordable Care Act environment. And I want to help these organizations that do such remarkable work to remain healthy.

Deliver something special to every client.

Our clarity of purpose — deliver something special for each and every client.

We work to give clients something they love and can rally around. You’ll see some of our new work February, it’s some of the best we’ve ever done. I firmly believe it’s possible to deliver impeccably designed, written and crafted work that’s just right for each client. But something about it, or the way it’s delivered, needs to be special.

Meet a lot of amazing people.

The amazing people part of my year was easy, because I’ve met so many! I’ve traveled a lot this past year, participating in conferences hosted by The National Council for Behavioral Health (NATCON), the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), Moments of Change, The National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NCAD) and Inner Circle.

I talked to so many passionate, caring people and learned a great deal about how to work with them. A few stand out for the extra time they took with me: Doug Edwards, from the Vendome Healthcare Group; Dan Gemp, of Dreamscape Marketing; Marvin Ventrell and Jessica Swan from NAATP, Eric Yorlano from Integrity Billing Company, Bob Franko and Dennis Freeman from Cherokee HealthTy Young, an old friend and client from years back who’s now at Liberty Center Connections, Inc.

Nurture new relationships.

I’ve pitched the dRC “tent” in a bunch of different cities this past year, and I’ve nurtured new client and partner relationships, which is exciting. In addition to the new branding work we’ve completed (can’t show it yet!), we’ve started working with Liberty Center Connections, Inc., NAATP, Integrity Billing and a more.

Be grateful. Be bold.

2015 would not have been anywhere near as awesome without my near and dear clients, my staff, my family and colleagues. They’re the best people I know, and I hope they’re around for a long time. We’re just getting started. Just wait till you see what we do in 2016. Seriously. We’re taking some bold steps this coming year, re-launching our website in January and introducing a new “personality” aspect for dRC. I can’t wait for you all to see, and I can’t wait to see a year from now what my resolutions were for 2016!

Happy Holidays!


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