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Part 3: The Hidden ROI of Successful Rebranding Strategies

By Kelly Farrell | October 1, 2020


Not all company rebranding benefits are easily seen, heard or felt. Sometimes you have to dig deep, far below the surface, to uncover the greatest results.
While we’ve already shared our thoughts on the short-term and long-term ROI of a rebrand, it’s time to talk about the less obvious, hidden benefits. In many cases, these benefits are subjective, making them more difficult to measure or assign a statistic. This doesn’t make them any less impactful or important. It just means you need to look a little harder. 

Successful rebranding strategies: Breaking down the hidden benefits


1. Realign rebrand ideas with your vision.

The rebranding process unearths new ideas and strategies. It also gives key behavioral health stakeholders – your leadership team, physicians and staff, board members and more – the chance to consider what the brand really means and represents. By getting these thoughts out on the table, your organization can identify significant opportunities, such as an expansion into new markets, an acquisition or merger, new product/service offerings, etc., and determine what truly aligns with the new vision.
Some key questions that you’ll explore throughout the company rebranding process include: 

  • Who are our target clients/patients? What are their characteristics and aspirations?
  • How do we best add value to the lives of our clients/patients?
  • How do we best add value to the lives of our employees?
  • Are we in the right target markets?
  • Do we need to add or eliminate services to better serve our clients/patients and community?

These decisions lead to a business strategy that truly connects to your brand and may point the organization in an unexpected, new direction.

2. Reenergize your front line.

When a brand loses its luster, it doesn’t just affect your clients/patients. It directly impacts your staff – caregivers, administrators, customer service representatives, etc. These are your most important brand ambassadors — inspiring loyalty and fueling energy, momentum and vibrance into your brand.
A rebrand gives you the ability to reignite your staff’s passion, reminding them not only why they do the work they do, but why they work for YOU. When they gain clarity and confidence in your brand, you’ll see them deliver better experiences to clients/patients over time.
“One thing that I am learning is that these things are not static. They’re dynamic. So, we have to continuously ask our employees questions about where do our referral sources come from, what is it that they need, what is it our patients need, so on and so forth,” said Jonathan Lee, CEO of Signature Health. “It’s a continuous asking of questions so you can stay abreast of what that answer is as it subtly shifts.”

3. Improve operations & processes.

As I mentioned, a rebrand allows you to consider new ideas and strategies that will benefit the organization. This includes rethinking or improving critical processes like recruitment, invoicing, internal meetings, proposal development, etc., to ensure these operations align with your company’s rebranding vision and values. This new understanding can serve as a filter for your business moving forward, to make it easy for you to assess if new ideas, businesses, programs and services fit your brand position.


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