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Past, Present, and Future

By Declan McGivern | September 28, 2018


We deal with the past, present, and future. That’s what makes our branding so effective. And I can relate.

As I’ve grown, I’ve rarely taken the time to look around and see what people I grew up with have gone on to achieve. It’s amazing to see where people land and what they end up doing. As I looked around at people I haven’t seen for years, it got me thinking, how does one land where they land? Intentional or not, we all land somewhere. Often we have no explanation for how it happened.


In my life I’ve spent a lot of time and energy thinking about the future. At school we were asked to pick a major at an age not many people have any idea what they want to do. I have a friend who graduated university with a nursing degree now working in human resources. A friend who studied accounting who is now a personal trainer. Friends who didn’t go to university who now run their own businesses.

These people made decisions based on the moment. They made the decision to study something, then further down the line realized it wasn’t for them. They didn’t like their circumstance, so they changed it. 


When making decisions in the moment I’ve often considered every possible outcome, only to find that the results of my decisions yield starkly contrasting realities. Unexpected things happen (good and bad), bumps in the road occur, and we end up in a place we never thought we’d be.

Today, working with behavioral health and recovery organizations has allowed me to see some of the hardships that so many amazing people overcome. I’ve met some of the strongest individuals I could ever imagine meeting. People I admire. Every day I work with organizations doing such valuable work, and I often hear the same uttering… that they aren’t sure exactly what happened to get them where they are today; or what to do to get them where they want to be in the future.

In my early experiences here at designRoom I’ve learned, in a similar manner to those I grew up with and to those I work with, that the past doesn’t define anyone’s future. But it can certainly be used to help us take steps to improvement. As individuals and organizations, we don’t always make the right decisions, but we can change something today to add value to our futures. We can always improve, no matter where we are at the moment. 


Take the time to stop and look forward. As people and organizations, taking time to reflect on where we are today and how we got here will help define where we want to be in the future.

At designRoom we’re helping organizations that help people to make change and allow them to help more people in the future. Landing exactly where they need to be.

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