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7 Quality Assurance Website Tests

By Shaun Culbertson | January 20, 2017


Website tests for quality assurance are the only way to make sure a site looks and functions the way it’s supposed to across all platforms. A lot of time and hard work goes into creating a website: Research; Copywriting; Visual Design; User Experience Design; Development; Optimization; and more. Before any website goes live, it deserves a careful set of eyes to make sure the worst nightmare doesn’t occur — people leaving the site. Our Quality Assurance team, Shaun and Kimberly, make sure that this nightmare doesn’t occur. Here are the seven tests we follow when we perform a QA for each site we create:

  1. Browser Test
  2. Device Test
  3. Link Test
  4. Design Test
  5. Data Form Test
  6. Functionality Test
  7. Proofread

Browser Test

People use many different browsers to view websites and these browsers typically display the websites a little differently. It’s difficult and sometimes impossible to guarantee that a website will look the same across all of these browsers. We check websites through the most popularly used browsers (according to to make sure it’s validated:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. IE (Microsoft Edge replaced IE in 2015)
  4. Safari

Device Test

Because of responsive design, more people are able to view good looking websites through mobile devices. It’s actually the “chicken or the egg” concept, where the device comes first and the design is a response to the different ways people surf the web. When we test and validate a website, we do it through the most popularly used devices (according to

  1. Android
  2. iOS iPhone 6
  3. iOS iPhone 6 Plus
  4. iOS iPad

Link Test

The simplest mistake you can make when launching a website — broken links but it can be resolved with the help of BigCommerce web development. Nothing is more aggravating then clicking on a link and it does nothing at all or triggers an “Error” message”. To eliminate user irritation and make sure links respond and guide the user to the right content, we do a thorough check of every link. As we test, we also determine if a link should open in a new window or not.

Design Test

Visual design test is the most important thing to be checked. It is easily over looked because design is typically seen as subjective. In fact, it’s most important because it reflects the look and feel of a brand, which often is the most memorable aspect. Our team matches the visual design across platforms, including Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile. This includes checking:

  1. Fonts
  2. Brand Colors
  3. Typography Styles
  4. Alignments and Columns
  5. Size

Data Form Test

Form testing is probably the most overlooked testing of all. Why? Because there is more than meets the eye with forms. Since form testing overlaps with functionality testing, it can become quite complex. We make sure that a web form we design looks and functions like the originals in the static mock-ups. A form is a critical interactive element of a website, and must send to the appropriate recipients and displays a response for the sender.

Functionality Test

Functionality involves the unique working aspects of a particular website. This could include a host of creative, coded components: video; real time help windows; sliders; music; ads; and all manner of custom functionality. In functionality testing, every component gets tried out on every platform. We check to make sure the social shares, carousel sliders, suspended navigations, chats, videos, and all other custom functions operate the way they should.


Proofreading is the final test. It can also be the most embarrassing, and many have been guilty of missing this simple test. Us designers are so focused on aesthetics we often don’t take enough time reading the copy. But we have Kimberly, and the services of a few professional proofreading firms to proofread a site before it goes live. Generally, we proof twice, sometimes three times — internally and by an outside firm. A professional editor/proofer is the best resource to ensure that all errors are fixed before the site goes live. Copy, grammar, and spelling are all checked and validated.

That’s all I have for now. It’s a lot to take on, but it’s a must-do for every website you create.

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