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Why I Rant About Brand!

By Kelly Farrell | March 26, 2019

Kelly March Blog

My rant about brand. Just one this month, I promise.

I feel like a broken record, saying the same thing over and over again. Why do I do it? Because I honestly believe in my heart that a healthy brand makes your life easier. And I have seen it work for many organizations, providing almost immediate focus and a foundation for sustainable financial return.

Yes, building or re-building your brand costs money. But I can assure you, it also pays dividends.

From a leadership point of view, I get why you would question a significant investment in your brand. Also from a leadership standpoint, I promise when you take the time to go through a branding process, you will get more than you give. Because when we succeed, you will:

  • Know what you stand for
  • Know what is working and what is not working
  • Know exactly what makes your organization special
  • Know a clearer vision for the future
  • Know a smarter strategy
  • Know the many benefits of organizational focus
  • Know how to position strategically versus other similar organizations

I promise you, leaders who are beaten down and fighting uphill, you will be more energized. People will be attracted to your organization, they will be able to feel it, see it, and know that yours is a very special place and that they actually want to be working for you, or partnering with you, aligning with you, or funding you.

Your inside needs to match your outside. When that happens, you will:

  • Leverage every opportunity on the table
  • Not feel bad that you are not accomplishing more
  • Find faster fit with incoming staff, providers, partners, and funders
  • Build a better Strategic Plan
  • Be able to say yes and no to the right things

Take the time. Make the investment. Do the work — the branding work. Just like any good treatment plan, it will make for a better life all the way around, and you’ll be able to help more people. I’m pretty fierce on the subject of helping people who help people. And that’s why I rant about brand.

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