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Showing Brand Gratitude

By Kelly Farrell | November 29, 2016


I can honestly show my brand gratitude. Partly because I am grateful that I’ve been able to share about branding at key behavioral health industry trade shows. And partly because of the behavioral health brands we’ve worked with this year.

This past year, being able to get in front of our audience at several shows has further opened my eyes to the fact that we picked the right industry to serve with the right product (branding). I love helping organizations that help people. True statement. It is nice to be sure. There are so many good people out there and it has been so rewarding to travel, get to know them and listen to their stories.

Brand gratitude means travel, from Phoenix to Vegas to Florida to Boston to Denver; back to Florida and Denver; to Chicago to Dallas to Tioga, Texas (and Oklahoma for an OSU football game) and then back to Florida, to LA, to NYC, Connecticut, South Jersey; then on to San Antonia and Philadelphia.

That is the most I have ever travelled in my life. It is becoming second nature. I am grateful for that! Five trade shows this past year, and I presented at two of them. Getting up in front of a large group is something that I am getting more comfortable with after every talk, presentation or workshop. I am grateful for that, too.

One of the shows included a big brand reveal at the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) in Florida. We got to show off a brand that we rebuilt. I am grateful for that.

The brand gratitude list goes on and on, but I am grateful to be able to see the possibilities in serving a community that is so underserved. There is a ton of good work being done, and I’m blessed to have met the people I have this year.

As I write this, I am fortunate to be working in a testimonial video shoot in San Antonio. I have shed tears through most of the stories shared. Not because they are sad, even though they are.  I cry because of the willingness of these brave people to share their stories in the hope they might help someone else. And because I can see, in person, the genuine appreciation they have for the care they have received. It is a cry of deep gratitude.

Thank you.



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