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Special Moments on the Road

By Kelly Farrell | December 6, 2023

Kelly's daughter standing in front of Stonehedge

Celeste, my daughter, at Stonehenge trying to dodge an influencer blocking our shot.

Full of Connections

It's amazing how things can line up.


When we first arrived in England, we met up with Declan, a former employee of ours we’ve stayed in touch with. We hopped off a plane all the way from the U.S. and then hopped on a 2-hour train ride to Ossett, West Yorkshire to visit him. It was a short but sweet visit—I’m not sure I can put into words how much it means to me to be able to stay with his family and visit for a time. Declan is an amazing connection we’ve been able to keep, not just in business, but in our lives. Thanks to his mum, Debby, for opening her house to Matt, Celeste, and me.


Dec and Laura sporting Jags knit caps. Go Jags!

We arrived in Holborn, a cool little district of London that’s always felt cozy and welcoming. And fun fact—Charles Dickens lived less than a mile from where we stayed.

It’s a Small World


What are the chances? We were happy we could meet up with Valerie Walters of LESC. Valerie is a long-time client and friend. When I found out she was flying into Manchester at the same time we’d be in London, we managed to reroute her so that she could attend the Jacksonville Jaguars football game with us. Sometimes when you just throw an idea out there, things work out.


Matt, Valerie, and me. Valerie knew how to look like a fan. Sporting some Jags swag.

A Long Way for a Great Game

First time in the starting line up. Watch Luke's intro.


Now some of you might not be aware, Luke Farrell is our youngest of three children and one of the tight ends for the Jacksonville Jaguars football team. When Luke was younger, I remember seeing a statistic somewhere that showed the fraction of a fraction of college athletes who make it to the professional level. I thought, “There’s no way that’ll ever happen.” But it happened. After he spent his college years playing football for The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!), there we were at Wembley stadium watching Luke play against the Atlanta Falcons.

Same Sport, Different Culture 


Even though football has a completely different meaning in England, Wembley still welcomed us with open arms. It’s not like it is here in the U.S.—at Wembley, everyone wears whatever NFL jersey they want, and there’s always a round of “Sweet Caroline” in the beginning of the 4th quarter. Everybody belts it out, every word. It’s crazy.

We loved being able to connect with Valerie for the game. In a world of tight schedules and daily routines, I appreciated the chance to make a memory together.

A Tale of Two Beverages - Charles Dickens 


Life’s too good for bad energy. Big Valerie vibes. She pointed at this, and said, “That’s how I live.”


Tea in England is a whole thing. It’s serious. When the fresh mint tea came out “fresh” in a big glass pot, I really enjoyed the experience. It was so simple: fresh mint and hot water. I need to figure out how to make this at home. That’s how I want to live.

Seeing Stonehenge


I remember one of my first art history classes in college. I can see the cover of the textbook, looking at and learning about Stonehenge and thinking, ‘There is no way I will ever see that in my lifetime.’ But that happened, too.

Me and my daughter, Celeste, at Stonehenge.

In My Next Career…


I wonder what one of these espresso trucks costs. This looks like something fun to do as a future side hustle. Just say’n. But first I need to learn how to make a good cup of coffee.

Practice Field in the English Countryside


Again – I never thought I would see something like this in real life.

15. IMG_3992
16. IMG_3968

Luke stayed in a beautiful English manor, with this entire practice field out back. Everything is a little more beautiful in the English countryside.

Connecting, Wherever We Are 

I was so grateful for this time away, and glad I could stay appreciative and open to the moment. It rejuvenated my whole mindset. Stepping away from my routines made me slow down, stay present, and ultimately, it cleared my head. Nice reset.

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