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The State of dR

By Kelly Farrell | February 10, 2017


I guess this is my State of designRoom blog for the beginning of 2017. I’m very excited, because there are new things happening.

For the first time in years, we have refreshed our own brand. You’ll see it soon!

In the spirit of our own brand refresh, we have an organizational theme for the year — Take a Position. It’s an affirmation of the branding work we do – helping organizations to focus internally, uncover what makes them special, stake out a strong position, and move in the same direction. We take our own medicine.

Kimberly is now in a new office. We did some rearranging, now Kimberly has a door and some privacy and our creative team has a new area in which to meet and do their thing. And it’s cozy!

A personal new first for me was producing and delivering my very first webinar for the State of Recovery. The session was on How Healthy Branding Promotes Sustainable Success. We’re going to continue throughout the year sharing tips, trends and insights on branding. Be on the lookout for some quick 30-second videos!

I used to be very hesitant to speak in public. Now I do it all the time, and the coming year is giving me lots of opportunities. I’ll be speaking at the National Conference on Addiction Disorders (NCAD) in July. This talk is my first offering CEU credits! I’ll be presenting a couple client case studies and speaking on how branding improves organizational focus and direction.

My 2017 behavioral health conference travels will also include Florida – Naples, Hollywood and Palm Beach, and Seattle, Hilton Head, Austin, New Orleans, Dallas and Baltimore.

Oh, and we landed new behavioral health clients in New Jersey and San Antonio!

I love new. I have been in business a long time, working in the trenches or living the dream… it depends on what day you talk to me! Either way, it’s exciting to see designRoom continuing to evolve and how committed our creative team is to serving. It feels good.

Here’s to a healthy year ahead, and that we all find the good in the new.

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About dR

At designRoom, we make it our business to find real answers and create custom healthcare brands. We believe effective healthcare branding is grounded in research, directed by insight, and driven by strategy.

We love seeing how strategic branding helps the right clients find the right organizations and receive the right care. That’s been our focus for over a decade. Today designRoom is an award-winning, national branding and design firm, known for helping clients build and promote healthy, sustainable brands. And we are super proud of that.

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