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Reflecting on My 2017 “Take a Position” Theme

By Kelly Farrell | December 21, 2017


Take a Position. It was my theme for 2017. And my promise – to you and to myself – was to share content and thoughts and ideas that would help others grow and sustain a healthy brand.

My goal in taking a position was to open up and share:

• Our studio

• Our process, principles, and procedures via words, pictures, and videos

• My thoughts, observations, and insights on healthy branding

• Best practices when building and marketing a brand

Since I ask clients to open up and let us see every aspect of their organizations, it was only right that I do the same. In public, in front of hundreds of people, if necessary.

Sometimes it was uncomfortable for me to talk about what I think is important. Those tiny videos were totally outrageous to try and pull off. Some of those seminars were intimidating. No matter how much I prepared, I was still super uncomfortable. But I did it and I loved it. I am so happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone and held my position.

I’m stronger for it. 

My theme for 2018 will focus on “refinement” and “doing everything a little bit better”. We have accomplished so many great things this year, and created some incredible work for amazing clients. We will build on that momentum, refine, improve, and grow. Through offering up my thoughts and beliefs on how to build, market, and sustain a healthy brand, I will continue to push myself, and others.

I’ll start offering healthy brand recommendations now 🙂

  1. Definitely come up with a theme for the year and working it into your goals, strategies, and content plans.
  2. Assess yourself! Be open and honest about goals you have accomplished and how you will push further in years to come.
  3. Reflect on what you’ve learned! I have collected all my blogs and tiny video’s so that you can read them if you like.
  4. Be open to receiving and giving feedback. You tell me if I delivered on my promise. I welcome your feedback.

I have learned, at an even deeper level, that what we say about healthy branding is true: take a position and hold it, explore it, talk about it, show it, and practice it every day. It makes you, and your brand, that much stronger.

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!


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